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Post subject: EmuLoader v8.8.8  PostPosted: Mar 10, 2021 - 09:28 AM
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Eine neue Version des Multi-Arcade Frontends EmuLoader wurde veröffentlicht. EmuLoader ist vom gleichen Autor wie EmuCon und unterstützt die Emulatoren MAME, Supermodel - SEGA Model 2/3, Daphne, Demul, HBMAME, DICE und ZiNc. Changelog

A new version of the multi-arcade frontend EmuLoader has been released. EmuLoader is from the same author as EmuCon and supports the emulators MAME, Supermodel - SEGA Model 2/3, Daphne, Demul, HBMAME, DICE and ZiNc. Changelog

version 8.8.8 change log - March 09, 2021FixedRichEdit controls had garbage RTF text in some screensNatural sorting of "Version Info" column was not working as it shouldChangedRichEditURL component replaced by the Unicode ready "TntRichEdit" (from "Tnt Delphi Unicode Controls" library)
- show Unicode texts (English and non-English mixed together)... as long as you have a proper richedit20.dll file
  "richedit20.dll" v5.50.99.2010 file is supplied with the frontend, from the freeware "Microsoft Word Viewer"
  (if you have Microsoft Office 2010 or newer installed, this file might not be needed)
- MAME game docs can display non-English texts correctly now (mameinfo; history)
- message boxes can display non-English filenames in "command line" texts; mostly for console/computer games (not from MAME softlists)
- component class "TTntCustomRichEdit" modified by me to support "URL click" event, and other minor updates (TntComCtrls.pas)Command line texts in "Run Game Confirmation Dialog" now show a "run>" tag prefix
- it's a cosmetic feature and to look cute
- but it also fixes a weird "auto-font" bug from "RichEdit20W" class, depending on the .dll you're using (blaim our dear Microsoft for that!)function uCommon.CallShellExecute() updated to support UTF-16 WideString URLs; using ShellExecuteW() WinAPIRewrite/optimization of functions to parse game docs dat files (mameinfo, history)
- game entry detection from "history.xml" is now blazing fast... no more 2 seconds lag when selecting games with "Game Docs" feature enabled
  ("history.xml" is now the preferred file and should be used instead of "history.dat")Text and text color tweaks to "Run Game Configuration Dialog" feature (on/off in main menu)RemovedRichEditURL component is no longer needed, removed from the entire project, replaced by TntRichEditAddedUpdated Atari800 cartridge mappers list to include new entries; for .rom raw cart files without "cart header" (for Altirra, Atari800 only)New setting: "Enable 4K Mode (2160p)"
- Larger fonts, buttons, icons and other controls
- only message boxes are supported for now
- feature intended for monitors with 4K resolution (3840x2160) and screen DPI scale of 100%
- in the future, some screens/dialogs will be so much bigger than current implementation and will only fit in a 4K screen resolution (crazy mode on)   (this is my personal "dream come true" feature) Smile Smile

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