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Post subject: NES: RockNES v5.60  PostPosted: Sep 02, 2020 - 12:28 PM
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Eine neue Version des NES Emulators RockNES wurde veröffentlicht.

A new version of the NES emulator RockNES has been released.

What's new for version 5.60 (09/01/2020) ---------------------------------------- [general] - Partial code rewrites, some optimizations and tweaks. - Savestate version is now 7 (old saves are not compatible). - Data at CPU $6000-$7FFF is now saved into savestates (SRAM/WRAM). - Fixed a few problems parsing the config file. - Fixed path for FDS BIOS loading (same of RockNES.exe folder). - Fixed a deadlock bug on application window close (X at corner). [cpu] - Fixed CPU opcode $20 (JSR). - Fixed CPU branch timings. - Fixed a bug in the DMA operations of sprites and DMC sound channel. - Fixed a potential crash in the CPU schedule system. - Revision in the CPU opcodes. [ppu] - Fixed sprite RAM data saving in savestates. - Fixed sprite refresh (R.C. Pro AM II works). - Added a check for expected CHR ROM/RAM in each mapper. - Revision in the PPU frame timing and CPU opcodes. [graphics] - New NTSC palette. - Fixed a bug saving palettes (incorrect warning). - Fixed bitmap clearing in triple buffering mode. - Fixed switching to VS palettes. - Fixed loading an external palette file. - Fixed wallpaper loading path (should look at the binary folder too). - Scanlines effect code rewritten from scratch. - Reworked most of the color styles palette calculations. [inputs] - Added missing joystick turbo settings on config file parsing. - Fixed incorrect assignment for BACKSPACE key. - Fixed support for joysticks, now D-pad works again! [sound] - Fixed APU noise channel reset (fixes Ghostbusters) and sweeps. - Fixed a bug in the APU mono/stereo switching. - Fixed sound startup and configuration. - Fixed DMC channel initial state. - Reworked the audio rendering a bit. - Changed the sound sample rate from 48000 back to 44100Hz, works on low-end PCs. - Reduced drastically the sound cache for minimal latency. [nsf driver] - Fixed a bug in the NSF savestate block. - Fixed NSF track selector, works for player 1 only. - If a NSF file has no game title, it's now replaced by its filename. [mapper] - Added proper support for Acclaim's MC-ACC IRQs. - Added savestate data for mappers 46 & 187. - Revision in the MMC3/Acclaim PPU IRQ codes.

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