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Post subject: EmuLoader v8.7.4  PostPosted: May 30, 2019 - 09:50 AM
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Eine neue Version des Multi-Arcade Frontends EmuLoader wurde veröffentlicht. EmuLoader ist vom gleichen Autor wie EmuCon und unterstützt die Emulatoren MAME, Supermodel - SEGA Model 2/3, Daphne, Demul, HBMAME, DICE und ZiNc. Changelog.

A new version of the multi-arcade frontend EmuLoader has been released. EmuLoader is from the same author as EmuCon and supports the emulators MAME, Supermodel - SEGA Model 2/3, Daphne, Demul, HBMAME, DICE and ZiNc. Changelog.

version 8.7.4 change log - May 29, 2019FixedMedia type of Daphne games was not set to "Disc"Game icons/systems TImageList containers were not emptied before reloading iconsHint box colors of image panel #4 were not updated after exiting preferences screenGame files of many MAME software list games were not recognized, tagging the game as "Game With No ROMs" ("a800.xml" software list for one)Tweaks to prevent splash screen from hiding/showing multiple times when creating games / auditing games; this fix also prevents the timer from resettingChangedFirst atempt to set the correct media type icon for MAME arcade games with CHD files (HDD, Disc, Compact Flash Card, Game Video Tape VHS)
- added an extra "ArcadeCHD_MediaType" game info tag just for this; tag is set when loading the ROMs database
- the new media type icons are used everywhere: game status bar, run game dialog, last played games, delete game snapshot dialog, thumbnails view and others
- HDD media type is set for games with multiple CHD files (HDD, CD, flash card) if at least one of them is HDD
- you must re-create MAME games list to update the frontend ROMs database filesImprovements to the thumbnails view
- icons are no longer drawn in the thumb image
- icons are handled as overlays and, from now on, they are drawn in the top/left or top/right of the cell (depending on the "align" setting)
- added a "Media Type Icon" to the mix
- The system icon for MAME software lists is now the UME icon ("emu_ume.ico"), so you know that it's a MAME game but not arcade
- when changing icons settings but not the thumb cell dimensions, only the icons are updated in main games list; thumbnails already created no longer have to be re-created
- new setting "Show Icons With No Thumbnail", will display the overlay icons (system, game, media, favorite) even if no thumbnail is available
- Media type icon is now drawn after the system icon, moved the game icon below it
- new media/game/favorite icon size drop-down selection, no more fixed 24x24 sizeFurther tweaks to the night modeAddedNew alternate sub-folders for frontend icons, arcade/console/computer systems and arcade games icons so you don't have to replace frontend's default icons
- toggle alternate icons on/off with the new "Use Alternate Frontend Icons" setting in main menu
- console/computer system icons go in a new "frontend_dirconsole_computersystem_iconsalternate" folder
- frontend icons and arcade system icons go in a new "frontend_dir esourcesmain_iconsalternate" folder
- arcade game icons go in a new "frontend_dir esourcesgameslist_iconsalternate" folder
- message box icons go in a new "frontend_dir esourcesmain_iconsmsgbox_iconsalternate" folder
  - tool bar filter icons, image category icons and image layout icons are not supported (basically all icons that use overlay icons)
  - all icons must be 32-bits color depth (RGB + alpha channel)
  - all required resolution icons must be added to the .ico file, or the frontend will show an "icon not found" error message
  - if you enable alternate icons without having them, the frontend will load the default onesNew media type: "Video Game Music"
- initially used in MAME's "VGM Player" software list
- new icon file "resourcesmain_iconsmedia_videogamemusic.ico"New feature: "Special" tag
- you can tag a game for any reason: finished games, games you want to play, games you hate, games you are playing, games you want to hide...
- games list is stored in a new "ini_filesspecial.txt" file and the file format is the same as favorites files so if you are using favorites list for things like this, you can safely copy and rename the favorite profile to this new filename
- there's a new column in details/grouped view named "Special"
- add/remove games to/from special list in games popup menu (below "Add/Remove Favorite" menu items)
- filter the games list with the new drop-down filter "Special List" in "Miscellaneous" tool bar filter
- you can enable/disable the special icon for thumbnails view ("thumbnail settings" screen)
- you can modify this new icon to your needs (" esourcesmain_iconsspecial.ico" file)Night colors support for image hint boxes (preferences screen, "Night Mode 2" page)
- separate colors from light mode
- settings saved in "nightmode.ini" file

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