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Post subject: DOSBox-X v0.82.16 (2019-03-01)  PostPosted: Mar 02, 2019 - 08:19 PM
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DOSBox-X ist ein Ableger von DOSBox, der den Fokus auf genaue Emulation legt und deutlich mehr Einstellungs- und Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten bietet. Hier gibt es den Download.

DOSBox-X is a fork of DOSBox. It has a focus on accurate emulation of the hardware and many more ways to tweak and configure the DOS virtual machine. You can download it here.

  • SDL1 support fixed to gracefully handle a case where,
    under Windows XP, with a audio device that is not cycling
    any audio DMA, DOSBox-X can hang on shutdown.
  • SDL drawn menus now shift and adjust popup menu position
    to ensure the popup is entirely within the screen in cases
    where the window is too small. Redraw issues related to
    that (overlapping item and popup menus) have been fixed.
    Minimum window resolution has been reduced to 500x300,
    enough to permit EGA 640x350 displays without a black
  • Fixed INT 18h AH=13h not to automatically show the cursor
    (PC-98 fix), which fixes the visible blinking cursor
    problem during games.
  • VS2017 project files can now compile DOSBox-X to run on
    ARM versions of Windows RT (driver1998)
  • Local filesystem support fixed to sanitize DOS dates
    before applying them to files on the host filesystem
    so that invalid dates within DOSBox-X do not make invalid
    dates on the host filesystem.
  • VS2017 project files can now compile DOSBox-X to run on
    ARM64 versions of Windows 10 (driver1998)
  • Fixed FAT driver progamming mistake (inherited from
    DOSBox SVN) that used the Windows 95 "Created" date/time
    stamp rather than the original MS-DOS "Modified" date/time
    stamp field.
  • FAT driver now allows setting file date/time properly
    on create or INT 21h call to set date/time, and updates
    date/time on close after writing the file. Copy a file
    to a disk image should preserve the date, and new files
    created on the disk image should no longer have the
    date/time stamp Jan 1st, 1980 12:00:00 AM midnight.
  • Configuration GUI now allows user to exit dialog boxes
    and windows by hitting the ESC key.
  • Entering the mapper UI on Mac OS X will now hide all but
    the Host Key button on the touch bar. Entering the
    Configuration GUI will hide all buttons.
  • If DOSBox-X is run on a platform where the GUI provides
    a menu resource, bringing up the mapper will replace the
    main menu with a mapper-specific menu until you exit the
    mapper. Same for the configuration GUI.
  • Mapper now allows user to exit by hitting ESC key three
    times in a row.
  • Windows MinGW builds now properly support and enable the
    Direct3D output
  • Mac OS X builds now contain the correct version number in
    the application plist. Using the Finder's Information window
    on the compiled application bundle will now show correct
    version information.
  • SDL1 builds fixed to always compile with internal SDL_net
    library instead of public library on the system
  • Mac OS X SDL1 builds fixed to always clip the desktop
    dimensions against the available video modes provided
    by the system to avoid problems with the 1080i/1080p
    modes listed in the System Preferences dialog and older
    HDTV LCD TVs with lower than 1920x1080 native resolution.
  • "unmask keyboard on int 16 read" option is on by default,
    to allow DOSBox-X to keep the keyboard working with
    Windows 3.11 Windows for Workgroups.
  • Added multi-monitor support and detection for Mac OS X.
  • Fixed problem on multi-monitor Linux/X11 setups where going
    fullscreen on the primary monitor leaves the non-fullscreen
    window sticking out on the adjacent monitor.
  • Windows SDL1 builds fixed so that on multi-monitor setups,
    going fullscreen will fill the monitor the window is
    placed on.
  • Added support for multi-monitor and DPI determination for
    Microsoft Windows.
  • SDL1 and SDL2 builds now examine multi-monitor setups and
    so that they can go fullscreen properly on one monitor
    instead of going fullscreen across all monitors, in
  • SDL1 OpenGL code fixed not to leave a blank space at the
    top of the screen when going fullscreen (if the menus are
    SDL drawn menus).
  • SDL1 library modified to center cursor properly no matter
    where on the overall desktop the fullscreen window exists.
  • Multi-monitor and fullscreen support added for Linux/X11
    versions of SDL1 DOSBox-X.
  • For non-x86 targets, or x86 targets where the user prefers
    not to use the x86 FPU core, code has been added to emulate
    the FPU instructions and registers using the "long double"
    data type for full 80-bit precision. This fixes 3D glitches
    in "Explora" though it still doesn't pass the Intel i387
    test program.
  • PC-98 INT 18h AH=04h: Added software delay to slow down some
    older PC-98 games that poll keyboard/mouse while animating
    cutscenes. The games seem to be timed around the assumption
    that this call has some delay to it. This fixes problems with
    "Shangrlia" by Elf corporation and animation that runs way
    too fast.

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