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Post subject: DOSBox-X v0.82.12 (2018-12-01)  PostPosted: Dec 02, 2018 - 07:04 PM
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DOSBox-X ist ein Ableger von DOSBox, der den Fokus auf genaue Emulation legt und deutlich mehr Einstellungs- und Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten bietet. Hier gibt es den Download.

DOSBox-X is a fork of DOSBox. It has a focus on accurate emulation of the hardware and many more ways to tweak and configure the DOS virtual machine. You can download it here.

  • MinGW HX DOS builds fixed to accept mouse input properly
    even beyond the 640x480 of the original SDL window
    dimensions. HX DOS seems to use the original dimensions
    of the window even if the window is maximized, thus the
    mouse input issue.
  • Configuration GUI fixed not to restore (unmaximize)
    the window, it's unnecessary.
  • New build scripts for Mac OS X, MinGW, and MinGW HX-DOS,
    under build-scripts in the source tree, to help make
    DOSBox-X releases more timely and consistent.
  • MinGW HX DOS builds now use WS_POPUP style instead
    of WS_OVERLAPPED to avoid window caption redraw
    glitches when in Windows XP.
  • MinGW HX DOS builds fixed to force the SDL window
    maximized at all times. Mapper and Configuration GUI
    interfaces fixed not to call on Windows to SW_RESTORE
    the window, in order to keep it maximized.
  • Steel Gun Nyan PIT/Timer hack revised so that polling
    the timer does not cause an interrupt storm. This
    fixes "God of Thunder" MS-DOS game where entering or
    leaving a house causes the Adlib music to play
    REALLY FAST during the transition effect.
  • Dynrec core ported from DOSBox SVN (Daniel-Trevitz)
  • Configuration GUI will pack settings closer together
    if the window/screen size is below 800x600.
  • Configuration GUI fixed to size dialog boxes as
    large as needed to show all options, to allow tabbing
    between options, to show a focus rectangle on the
  • Configuration GUI top level windows no longer show
    inactive title bar whenever you access a menu.
  • About dialog in configuration GUI updated to
    reflect that this is DOSBox-X in 2018, not
    DOSBox in 2014.
  • Configuration GUI now works with touchscreens in
    SDL2 builds.
  • INT 33h fixed to regard cursor as hidden if hidden
    for at least 100ms, which fixes host cursor flickering
    when running the built-in FreeDOS EDIT.COM program.
  • Mouse input and guest pointer integration limited
    to send input only if within the display region or
    within a 10% border around the display region.
  • SDL2 tapping the SDL drawn menu bar (on a touch
    screen) no longer triggers mouse click in the
    guest application (bugfix).
  • SDL2 Linux/X11 hack, added to compensate for bugs
    in SDL2 v2.0.5 regarding Linux/X11 touchscreen
    events, removed. SDL2 v2.0.9 fixed it.
  • Linux/X11 SDL2 builds will now encourage the user
    to update the SDL2 library installation if
    SDL2 library v2.0.5 is installed.
  • Fullscreen mode fixed in SDL2 builds.
  • Fixed configuration GUI fade out/in effect after
    exiting mapper GUI bug.
  • Configuration GUI now available and working in
    SDL2 builds as well as SDL1.
  • SDL2 builds now have a working "Fit aspect ratio"
  • SDL1 fullscreen mode fixed to use either the desktop
    size or the desired output size, and fallback to
    non-fullscreen on failure, to fix a segfault that
    would otherwise happen.
  • CONFIG -set sdl showmenu= now changes menu visibility.
  • CONFIG -set render scaler= fixed to apply changes
    to scaler and force setting, and update menu items,
    instead of ignoring it.
  • CONFIG -set render aspect= now keeps menu synchronized
    with setting.

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