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Post subject: LaunchBox v9.0  PostPosted: Nov 18, 2018 - 01:06 PM
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LaunchBox ist ein Frontend für verschiedene Emulatoren (u.a. DosBox) sowie PC Spiele im Allgemeinen.

LaunchBox is a graphical frontend for various emulators such as DosBox and also for PC games in general.

Version 9.0 - Released November 13, 2018- New Feature: A new "Auto-Generate Child Playlists" feature is available when right-clicking on platforms in the LaunchBox sidebar while in Platform Categories view; this option allows you to generate child playlists for All Games, Favorites, Genres, Regions, Play Modes, Developers, and/or Publishers and optionally put them in child categories.- New Feature: The "Clean Up Images" process that is available under the Tools menu in LaunchBox is now called "Clean Up Media" and has been overhauled to support cleaning up videos, manuals, and music as well- Improvement: LaunchBox performance has been significantly improved when loading up the platform categories list in the sidebar, specifically when dealing with categories and total game counts. Loading the counts is now threaded so they may not show up immediately and will load in the background for large collections.- Improvement: Items with children are no longer always sorted first in the LaunchBox side bar, which was a bit disorienting now that platform categories are more flexible- Improvement: Big Box performance has been improved when loading up details for platform categories with many children- Improvement: Switched the EmuMovies searches to send the file name before the title to improve accuracy (recommended by Circo)- Improvement: A new ListCache.xml data file has been added that helps keep things running smoothly for collections with thousands of playlists- Improvement: When adding a new playlist underneath a platform, a line will now automatically be created to filter to only games for that platform when checking the box to make it an auto-populate playlist- Improvement: When bulk editing the associated emulator for games, LaunchBox will now automatically update the emulator for all additional apps that are also set to use the same emulator as the parent game- Improvement: Attract mode in Big Box will now always move into or out of views when the number of items highlighted exceeds the total number of items- Improvement: Performance has been significantly improved while populating the Big Box platform clear logo image cache for platforms, categories, or playlists that do not have default images- Improvement: Scraping is now improved for no-intro ROMs with tildes (~) in the file names- Improvement: Big Box alphanumeric indexes will now work properly with favorites-only lists. If no game is found that is not a favorite, Big Box will jump to the first favorited game that starts with that letter instead.- Improvement: When deleting platforms, categories, or playlists from the sidebar in LaunchBox, warnings have been added to clarify a number of things and reduce confusion- Improvement: The MAME arcade full-set import process now excludes hacks, prototypes, and bootlegs from the region prioritization process; this helps to ensure that hacks, prototypes, and bootlegs do not end up being used as the default ROM for a game.- Improvement: Big Box will now use the parent platform's video if no video exists for the selected playlist or category- Improvement: Big Box will now use the parent platform's background images if no background image exists for the selected playlist or category- Improvement: When switching between platforms, categories, and playlists in Big Box, if the same video is used, it will no longer restart- Improvement: Many new default clear logos for genres, play modes, All Games, and Favorites have been added thanks to the community- Fixed: Generating MAME/Arcade playlists on importing games was still restricted to premium users (previously we removed the premium restriction for playlists)- Fixed: Launch With in Big Box is now sorted alphabetically- Fixed: The list type drop down in LaunchBox is now sorted alphabetically- Fixed: Field drop downs in the LaunchBox playlist editor are now sorted alphabetically- Fixed: The PluginHelper.DataManager.GetAllParents() plugin method was not working properly- Fixed: Rare null reference error when loading game details in the sidebar in LaunchBox- Fixed: Rare data issue with platform categories not showing up- Fixed: Playlists were sometimes not updating when manually adding games to playlists- Fixed: Incorrect counts could occasionally display in various places in LaunchBox and/or Big Box; this was previously due to hide games options not always being accounted for in game counts- Fixed: Auto-populating playlists were sometimes not updating when game metadata changed- Fixed: Game controllers were not navigating the drop-down lists in the Big Box filters popup- Fixed: Big Box was still sometimes creating unnecessary/irrelevant empty video folders for playlists- Fixed: The emulators list when bulk editing games was not sorted alphabetically- Fixed: Additional applications in the LaunchBox game right-click menu were sometimes using the icon from the game's emulator instead of the icon from the additional application's emulator- Fixed: Big Box was caching the nested name incorrectly for platform, playlist, and category wheel images; this was resulting in the wrong images showing up in rare cases- Fixed: Big Box was not properly saving previous selections for deeply nested platforms, categories, and playlists- Fixed: Big Box was not properly saving previous selected games for categories and playlists- Fixed: Big Box attract mode was sometimes starting in the previous state (half-way through a spin) if it had previously been cut off- Fixed: Big Box attract mode was sometimes starting up too quickly after returning from a game- Fixed: On some very rare occasions, the Big Box update popup could previously cause stability issues- Fixed: Opening additional apps PDFs was not working properly in Big Box when Big Box was configured to use the internal PDF reader 

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