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Post subject: Doom Legacy v1.47.2  PostPosted: Aug 06, 2018 - 04:06 PM
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Der Doom Source-Port Doom Legacy wurde aktualisiert.

A new version of the Doom source port Doom Legacy has been released.

1.47.2 SVN1400 (2018-07-12)FEATURES 1.47.2
  • Added Marine's Best Friend (MBF) wad capability to DoomLegacy. This includes Friends and Dogs. Objects can have TOUCHY (explodes when touched) and BOUNCES attributes. There are several new menu controls for new MBF monster behaviors. MBF capabilities are enabled by default for DoomLegacy playing modes, and disabled for older demos.
  • Added the MBF door gradual light effect. This operates better than the previous off/on effect.
  • Added the MBF telefrag which expands the determination of who can telefrag to include Bosses on any map.
  • Added the MBF icy slide logic to player movement.
  • Added the MBF dogs, functions, and sounds. MBF and PrBoom only have dogs for a single player. In DoomLegacy they also can be used in coop games, and will respawn. The respawn delay for dogs is fixed at 5 seconds.
  • A monstergravity menu control has been added, to control if gravity affects monsters. Combined the DoomLegacy monster gravity control with the Boom and MBF effect controls. Some older code would have monsters instantly fall to the floor, while newer code has them fall under the influence of gravity.
  • Added the Boom skymap control, as cv_invul_skymap. The Boom fix makes the sky appearance change with invulnerability.
  • Added the Boom zerotags control, as cv_zerotags. This prevents many linedef from using a sector TAG that is 0.
  • Monster fighting now has a monster no-infight setting, and the Normal setting enables infighting (as in Vanilla Doom).
  • Added Heretic and Normal settings to monster friction so they can be more easily set up for a particular usage.
    Monster Friction:
    • None
    • MBF
    • Momentum
    • Heretic
    • Normal
  • Added the Boom weapon recoil, as console variable cv_weapon_recoil.
  • Added a third page to the command key settings menu, and moved some of the keys to the third menu. Added a settable command key for screenshot.
  • Added a screenshot type console control to select compact, full, or PCX.
    • Compact
    • Full
    • PCX
    This does not appear in the options menus.
    PCX file type is only available with PC_DOS.
    The Targa file type is used otherwise for screenshots.
    The "compact" setting will save the screen in the closest format of the drawing (8 bit with colormap, 16 bit, or 24 bit).
    The "full" setting will convert to RGB 24 bit Targa format.
    Hardware drawing mode will save the screen in the Targa file format.
  • Revised some of the monster sight functions to get better compatibility with Boom and MBF, and to take advantage of improvements.
  • Added the MBF unstuck code, which gets monsters unstuck.
  • Added the MBF dropoff code, which controls when monsters can go off dropoffs.
  • Added MBF support functions, BEX code pointers, and dehacked flags support.
  • Added the MBF A_KeepChasing code pointer, as defined by EnternityEngine.
  • Added parm1 and parm2 support in DEH, as used by MBF.
    Param syntax is
    Unknown 1 = value Unknown 2 = value
    Added the [HELPER] section in BEX, as used in PrBoom, to define an alternative to the DOGS to be the player friend.
    Syntax is
    [HELPER] TYPE = 43
  • Included some function (BEX code pointers) for heretic DEH, from EternityEngine. This does not include the functions that are unique to EternityEngine.
  • Sprites can now have 16 rotation positions. This uses a naming system in use by EDGE2 (3DGE). The normal 8 positions still apply (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,Cool. It adds 8 more positions between the existing 8 rotation positions. The 16 positions are (1,9,2,A,3,B,4,C,5,D,6,E,7,F,8,G).
  • Updated the savegame code to also save the new MBF fields. The old savegames are still readable too.
  • Detect Hexen wads, to issue an appropriate hud message that DoomLegacy cannot support them, yet.
  • Multiple clients, or a server and client, can use the same computer and internet stack now. Can now give the client some alternate sock port addresses and let the client search for one that is not in use. The server will use whatever sock port the client uses to connect.
  • Improvements to the skin selection menu, for player1 and player2. Change the menu to use the skin name and not the skin indexes as the skin selection choice. The skins storage is now dynamic, with a maximum of 128 skins.
  • Revised the menu system due to more menus and complicated menu paths. Changed from a static menu ordering, to a system with dynamic order. This fixes the problems with escaping a menu back to the wrong menu. Added more Boom and MBF menu controls, creating a new options page.
  • Provide the ability to compile for a particular architecture. The ARCH option is added to the make_option files. It appears that the default is to compile for -march=generic32, which appears to be close to i486. Compiling for i686 can reduce the code size by 30K.
BUG FIXES 1.47.2
  • The gravity functions affect all players and monsters, but some old enemy logic immediately moved monsters to the floor. Added an enable and menu controls to block the enemy monster code from overriding the gravity. Fixes bug 0632.
  • Fixed the screenshot for OpenGL and hi-res modes. Fixes bug 0637.
  • Fixed where Heretic E1M8 was displaying a default gray flat for the lava floor. The LAVA flats in Heretic E1M8 are not a standard size (6150), they likely have an extra row (64x65). The previous flat logic could not classify their size. Changed the flat size classification to display odd flat sizes as the next smaller recognized size. This will almost always be 64x64. Note: The Heretic F_SKY1 flat has a size of 4, but it is never displayed. Fixes bug 0638.
  • Return the correct IPX address value on FreeBSD. Supplied by Alexy Dokuchaev. Fixes bug 0639.
  • A Heretic inventory item could be used up by a menu keypress. If the inventory item had been selected, then the menu entered, the same inventory keypress when used in the menu would leak into the inventory response and use up the item. Fixed the inventory response code to ignore keypresses during menu and console. Fixes bug 0641.
  • Heretic E4M1 has a platform, using linedef 22 (raiseToNearestAndChange), that would retrigger. Boom code for the same linedef was releasing the thinker, allowing the platform to operate again. For gamemode heretic, made DoomLegacy use the heretic test, which does not remove the thinker for this linedef action. Fixes bug 0642.
  • Reset the freelook when exiting the level, or spawning. Fixes bug 0643.
  • Fixed problems when surround sound is enabled. It was only handled by Win32 port. The SDL port now supports surround sound. All the ports will now intercept the special separation value used to signal surround sound.
  • Fixed fs sound segfault caused by bad origin.
  • Fix some type conversion problems that affect big-endian machines. Mostly byte comparisions to -1, and automatic type conversion from unsigned to int.
  • Rewrote much of the qmus2midi conversion to bring it up to date. Fixed comparisons that affect compilation on big-endian machines. Removed tests for -1 that were from testing for EOF, as the buffers do not have a terminator for EOF. Removed extraneous parameters from the qmus2midi conversion.
  • Fixed the menu so that it no long segfaults on overly large skins (such as "war" from Skins.wad, which has 125 skins). Changed the way that the skin choices are updated to the network. Improved the skin setting functions to support this. Made the skins storage dynamic, with a maximum of 128 skins.
  • Floating point optimizations regarding declarations and proper constant typing. Reduces code size, avoiding extra operations.
  • Added the code for the PrBoom skull bounce fix.
  • From PrBoom, no oof when dead.
  • DoomLegacy uses model sectors, due to having more complicated special sectors, and 3d-floors. Fixed MBF logic for checking model sectors for hidden players and monsters.
  • Fixed a damage function to allow player gibs again. Reported by Eckert. Moved the voodoo intercept of damage to be earlier so that the tests on armor and attributes are done on the voodoo redirected target.
  • Fixed a bug from a prevous patch. In OpenGL, the corpse color was black due to a missed change in color translation.
  • Added a test to exclude texture names that start with '#' (which are used for parameters) from error messages about textures not found.
  • Stop savegames and netgames from changing the saved user config.
  • Check search directories for cases where the default dir is the home directory, or if it contains "Desktop", "Pictures", or "Music" directories. If one of these is detected, the default dir will not be searched. This is to avoid long searches due to the depth of wad search, and to avoid searching the users home directory, or exposing it to wad loading searches.
  • Updated the DoomLegacy network version to 24. Some changes make the new network code incompatible with previous versions. Added the PT_ACKS message type, which moves the codes of some of the existing message types. Reworked the textcmd record formats and code to fix suspected faults. Protections against malicious packets have been added.
  • Made the alternate client sock port work.
  • Fix the network XCMD so that when the network is not connected it will flush the XCMD buffer instead of generating an error message. The name, skin, and color of the player will be updated when they do connect.
  • Added a network PT_STATE message, which updates the tick, P_Random index, and the pause. Added a broadcast function that the server may use to send a message to all connected players. The server will use this state broadcast to pause all players while a savegame download is performed, and will update the pause state for the new player. This allows a player to connect while the server game is paused, which before would trigger a consistency failure.
  • Fixed the DEH state pointers so that the standard state values are translated to the DoomLegacy internal state indexes. This will allow Heretic DEH patches to work, and is necessary for the MBF DOG states to be found by DEH.
  • Added respawnmonstertime and itemrespawntime to be saved in a DoomLegacy demo.
  • Show temporary values of variables on the console. Depends upon CV_STRING, CV_VALUE, and EV values. This makes it possible to see both user settings and param settings. Bug 0136 has been fixed, at some point.
  • Fixes uses of the Heretic const, ANGLE_1, which has a significant round-off error. Heretic used it to get a 10 degree spread of missiles, like ANGLE_1*10. Other uses of it have caused demo sync problems. This fix restores the vanilla calculations, and fixes a fragglescript usage of it.
  • Changes that affect Vanilla demo playback. These changes provide some calculations that match the Vanilla code. This fixes some bugs when playing the older demos (even though they still de-sync eventually).
  • Added enable support for some missing Boom effect controls, mostly important for playing Boom demos. These are internal enables controled by the demo, not user controls. The DoomLegacy default is to set these to enable the latest bug fixes.
    EN_boom_physics : Boom comp to enable boom physics selectively.
    EN_boom_floor: enables some fixes to limit movement of lift ceilings and floors.
    EN_blazing_double_sound : Boom comp to disable a fix that prevents blazing doors from generating two sounds.
    EN_doorlight : A Boom comp that also affects an MBF light effect.
    EN_catch_respawn_0: enables the fix for the (0,0) respawn bug.
    EN_invul_god: enables the fix to make god mode impervious to damage.
    EN_skull_bounce_floor : Boom skull bounce comp.
    EN_skull_limit: enables removing the skull limit
    EN_old_pain_spawn: disables a fix that prevented spawning skulls inside walls.
    EN_demotic_109: enables old demo tic format reading.
    EN_boom_longtic flag: enables reading boom demos with long tic values.
    EN_sleeping_sarg_bug: disables the fix of the sleeping sarg bug.
    EN_doom_movestep_bug: enables bug in vanilla move step that skips negative limit tests.
    EN_vile_revive_bug: enables buggy vanilla code for reviving monsters.
  • Fixed reading boom demo headers and assigning default values to comp flags read from boom headers.
  • Changed the method of running demos back to the original method, using a state flag. Trying to do it using a console command took more gametics to start the demo. It would run the vanilla demos with a wrong gametic value, and the gametic is used to determine some monster behavior.
  • Many of the EN enables were messed up by demos, and were not being restored. Added calls to the Stop and Kill Demo code, that restores the gamemode EN default values. This fixes 2 errors, one where the user could not start a game after stopping a demo, and where an unrecognized demo code was received after stopping a demo.
  • Fixed a demoversion test that was blocking autoaim during demo playback.
  • Fixed P_XYMovement function to account for odd momentum in movement stepping. Added a demo compatibility test, and add old movement stepping logic in the loop, for old demos.
  • Fixed the LookForPlayers function to loop through the players only once. The vanilla code would look twice due to a failed test.
  • Fixed some sight logic when the two are in the same sector. The previous assumption was skipping some other tests in the function. Doing more full sight testing fixes some demo sync problems too. Added a compatibility test for old DoomLegacy demos.
  • Adopted a demo tic accounting adaptation similar the PrBoom basetic. This fixes a revenant missile bug in some demos, by using (gametic - basetic) in the missile effects randomizer. In DoomLegacy, have implemented demo_comp_tic, which does the same thing by keeping a valid corrected tic, which does not run during menus and pauses. The demo_comp_tic is saved in demos, but is not saved in savegames.
  • Fixed compilation errors, discovered by Adam Stylinski. This includes compiling with gcc and the clang compiler.
  • Fixed some Win32 compile problems. Win32 uses WSAEADDRINUSE, instead of the Unix EADDRINUSE. MINGW32 does not have the strndup function, so had to imitate one.

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