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Post subject: PS2: TwinPad v0.9.2.7  PostPosted: Dec 22, 2015 - 10:23 AM
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TwinPad ist ein Tastatur Input-Plug-In für Playstation 2 Emulatoren mit Analog-Pad Unterstützung.

A new version of the input plugin for PS2 emulators TwinPad has been released.

Changes in v0.9.2
  • Working with PCSX2 v1.3.1-813-g7aa3613 and up. Which is the version
    that broke TwinPad and when PCSX2 starts using wxWidgets v3.0. I guess
    it is one of the quirks of wxWidgets, meh. Anyways, I switched to unorthodox
    method of creating the dll, no dllmain. Which works for PSX/PCSX2 emulators.

  • Fixed some memory leaks in the GUI, specifically, image loading of Combos tab
  • Prevent switching tabs, clicking other buttons, or switching the radio buttons for pad 1 or 2 to configure
    them while polling the keyboard for input. It worked before, but this makes more sense/safe I guess.
  • Fixed Combos execution, now applies analog stick sensitivity values.
  • TwinPad will inform you if you try to start emulation with old (previous incompatible versions) data. And clear them.

Changes in v0.9.1
  • Added the ability to have multiple pressure buttons pressed each with unique values.
    This applies even in COMBOs. I take back what I said in the changelog of v0.9.0.
    I was under the impression that DS2 can´t do that, due to this.
    Well, it is my fault for not understanding the article fully, it says single pressure button at a time.
    I never really attempted to solve it. But after a second thought and seeing DS3 was able to do that as shown here.
    I decided to try doing it anyways. Now it is working
  • Bug fixed, custom button sensitivity when used in COMBOs, pressure value per button was permanent even
    when key was pressed not using COMBOs.
  • Simplified KeyEvents sent to the emu greatly. Made it more concise.
  • Fixed Walk/Run toggle behavior to apply for all sensitive buttons (not only analog). Also made it work for Pad 2.
  • Some minor code cleanups.

Changes in v0.9.0

  • A new and completely redesigned user interface, based on wxWidgets v3.0.2. No more DX8VB dll
  • Ability to erase a single button for Pad1/2 tab (right click to erase it).
  • Get settings directory from emu is working. If emu doesn´t provide settings path (PSX emus), TwinPad will use default ´inis´ directory next to the emu´s exe. If ´inis´ not found it will be created. Just make sure you (as a user) have the privilege to read/write at that location.
  • In Combos, Reduced number of buttons to 20 buttons per Action. Make it impossible to add nonsensical buttons at once (e.g,: Left Analog Up + Left Analog Down at the same time).
    Note: Some games rely on opposite D-Pad buttons being pressed, and indeed, PS2 allows you to press D-Pad UP and Down, or Left and Right at the same time.
  • Ability to assign button sensitivity for each button inside a Combo. Note that due to limitation of DualShock 2 (not TwinPad) you can´t have 2 sensitive buttons pressed (12 total for DS2) at the same time. Otherwise, PS2 or the Emu will consider the buttons being simply pressed (no pressure).
    Just keep this in mind when making a new Combo. Different pressure values for different Actions is okay.
  • Ability to set individual Combos for pad 1 or 2. Unlike before, all combos for the selected pad.
  • Ability to have empty action at the beginning of a Combo.
  • Ability to execute 2 combos independently of each other at the same time. One for each pad.
    You can even have two Combos share the same predefined key as long as they have different pad assigned than each other.
  • Combo editor now allows you to add, insert (2 different versions), and delete Actions. Or delete buttons.
  • To turn off a Combo but keep it there instead of deleting it, just remove the assigned key for it (again right click on the configured key).
  • Fixed a logical bug in Combo execution, delay was off by one type error.
  • Enhanced mouse sensitivity when set greater than 1 (one is the default and recommended).
  • Fixed Scroll Up/Down mouse wheel behavior when set to actual PS buttons.
  • Eliminated some not needed options from Misc tab. Load Configurations on the fly has to go, sorry. TwinPad Configuration doesn´t run from EXE file anymore.
  • Many small bug fixes which I forgot. And many more code refactoring and cleanups. Still looks ugly
  • All previous configurations will be LOST (including Combos). The plugin will notify you about this.

P.S: I didn´t have the chance to test the GUI extensively. There might be some issues regarding the GUI.. If there are any,
please report them here and the steps to reproduce the issues. Thanks

P.S.2: If you complain about the DLL size jumping from 150KB to being greater than 3.5MB, blame wxWidgets for being bulky.

How to use:
Extract the DLL into the plugins folder and you are ready to go..
to configure the plugin, run PCSX2 normally select TwinPad from the plugins´ list and click on configure. the TwinPad configuration utility will appear..

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