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Post subject: QMC2 v0.43  PostPosted: Apr 08, 2014 - 10:31 PM
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QMC2 ein MAME / MESS Frontend für Linux / Unix, Mac OS X und für Windows wurde aktualisiert.

QMC2 a MAME / MESS frontend for Linux / Unix, Mac OS X and Windows has been updated.

Full change-log for v0.43:
  • fix: avoid crash upon game/machine launch when double-click activation is enabled — see also bug tracker ID #44
  • fix: ROM status exporter: corrected mix up of certain sort criteria indexes
  • fix: MinGW build: corrected compiler & linker flags for QMC2 Arcade to not open a console window
  • fix: MiniWebBrowser: corrected a signal/slot auto-connection that caused a Qt warning with Qt 5 (minor)
  • fix: corrected tagging through Shift+Up/Down when the XML tree is expanded and the cursor is on a sub-item
  • fix: MiniWebBrowser: corrected the display of super-long links in the status-bar so the browser wouldn’t resize in X direction
  • fix: corrected variant launching (broken in 0.42)
  • fix: main GUI / key- & joy-mapping: don’t trigger disabled actions
  • fix: MESS device configurator: avoid crash (seen on Windows) when the selected system changes while the available devices and slot-options are currently being determined for another system
  • fix: initial ROM path check: corrected handling of relative ROM paths
  • fix: updated the handling of character encoding in software-lists on Windows to modern MAME/MESS/UME — see also bug tracker ID #65
  • fix: corrected the working directory the emulator would use when scanning software-lists (so that a relative hash path would actually be found)
  • fix: demo-mode (minor): corrected the produced command line when ‘maximize’ is disabled
  • imp: updated MESS category.ini contributed by ASH to 0.153
  • imp: QMC2 Arcade: enabled translation for joystick and key-sequence map debugging
  • imp: initial ROM path check: output more detailed information for each non-existing/inaccessible ROM path
  • imp: revised the help menu and added forum, wiki and bug-tracker links (opened in the default browser)
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: included an item counter in the progress bar when analyzing, reading or writing sets
  • imp: added LZMA SDK 9.22 (7-zip) data compression/decompression library by Igor Pavlov
  • imp: optimized loading & parsing of the software-info DB
  • imp: added a subset of the QtFtp add-on for Qt 5 compatibility with the QFtp and QUrlInfo classes
  • imp: separated MAME & MESS emulator-info DBs as well as their game-/machine-info counterparts in order to allow for merging them in case of UME
  • imp: MAME/MESS/UME emulator templates updated to 0.153
  • imp: system- and software-notes templates: new template macros ($IS_BIOS$ and $IS_DEVICE$) and JS functions (isBios(), isDevice() and romStatus())
  • imp: Windows: the FileSystemModel’s directory scanner thread now uses native Win32 API calls instead of Qt classes — see also bug tracker ID #56
  • imp: added a FileIconProvider wrapper class for QFileIconProvider that uses native Win32 API calls on Windows for better performance (also caches the icons internally)
  • imp: updated template format to v0.2.7 which adds support for a new relativeTo attribute (valid only for file-type options) which – if set – will be used to generate a path relative to the current value of the referenced directory-type option when using a file-picker; note that this will only work correctly when the referenced directory-type option consists of a single path (i.e. not for semicolon-seperated paths, in which case you’d have to edit the corresponding file-type option manually to reflect relative file paths)
  • imp: replaced some icons in the classic image-set
  • imp: produce a nicer command line when the emulator is launched in embedded- or demo-mode (no duplicate or redundant options)
  • imp: updated the alternative system- and software-notes template contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added read-only support for 7z archived ROMs
  • new: added support for 7z archived icons and image artwork – note that for best performance 7-zipped icons should be packed in a solid block (7z default) and images should be packed non-solid (7za option -ms=off)
  • new: MESS device configurator: added support for 7z archives to the file-chooser (just like the existing support for zip archives)
  • new: QMC2 Arcade: added support for game/machine icons (only supported by the ToxicWaste theme at the moment)
  • new: revised the XML data cache to be stored in / retrieved from an SQLite 3 database in order to save memory and speed up initial loading (per game/machine XML data is queried from the DB on demand)
  • new: added a web-search feature (currently supporting Google, Wikipedia, DuckDuckGo and Yandex)
  • new: MiniWebBrowser: added experimental support for anonymous FTP (warning: don’t use this for big downloads)
  • new: added a built-in PDF viewer based on PDF.js (experimental)

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