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Post subject: QMC2 v0.39  PostPosted: Jun 12, 2013 - 02:03 AM
AEP Team Member

Joined: Dec 25, 2008
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QMC2 - M.A.M.E./M.E.S.S. Catalog / Launcher II ist ein SDLMAME / MAME / MAMEUIFX und SDLMESS / MESS Frontend für Linux / Unix, Mac OS X und für Windows.

QMC2 - M.A.M.E./M.E.S.S. Catalog / Launcher II is an SDLMAME / MAME / MAMEUIFX and SDLMESS / MESS frontend for Linux / Unix, Mac OS X and Windows.


  • fix: software-list export: traverse the export map correctly
  • fix: avoid crash when play was triggered on premature game/machine list data
  • fix: minor: launch foreign emulators/IDs even if the current game/machine is a device set
  • fix: don’t remove/hide the system-notes detail page when the game-/machine-list is reloaded
  • fix: slot-devices: default slot-options with non-default BIOS selections weren’t passed to the emulator
  • fix: Windows 8 specific corrections (especially related to the file-chooser and the welcome-dialog)
  • fix: MESS device configurator: the UI setup wasn’t correctly stored/restored under certain circumstances
  • fix: MESS device configurator: double-clicking stored configurations could lead to a crash
  • fix: MESS device configurator: adjust tab-orders after dynamically changing device-mappings and slot-options
  • fix: MESS device configurator: correctly clear all device-maps and reset the slot-configuration to the default one when the ‘new configuration’ button is clicked
  • fix: X11 embedder: call XUnmapWindow() & XMapRaised() after releasing an emulator to avoid that its window may be hidden, corrected a centering issue upon resizing of the embed-container
  • fix: software-lists: floating software-snapshots should never be shown when their contents are the ghost-image
  • fix: software-lists: corrected a rare UI synchronization issue when switching systems while a software-list is currently being created
  • fix: software-lists: don’t disable the complete widget when one or more expected software-lists weren’t found
  • fix: avoid a rare crash that could be caused by subsequently applying settings very quickly
  • fix: QMC2 Arcade / ToxicWaste theme: corrected positioning of the imager-viewer (back-side)
  • fix: options / joystick: automatically select the ‘Map’ function when the user clicks ‘Apply’ or ‘OK’ so joystick function mappings actually get activated (joystick functions won’t be mapped when in ‘Calibrate’ or ‘Test’ mode)
  • fix: honor the emulator’s working directory (if specified) when verifying ROMs
  • fix: avoid crash of the front-end when ‘mame/mess/ume -listxml’ crashes
  • fix: minor: don’t issue an actual search when no game/machine list data has been loaded yet
  • fix: key-sequence scanner: avoid X Error: BadWindow invalid window parameter warning when grabbing the keyboard — on X11, the window must the ‘mapped’ (shown) first
  • fix: corrected joystick support on Mac OS X by implementing real calibration / axis value normalization — see also bug tracker ID #39
  • imp: added tool-buttons to select/deselect all categories in the demo- and arcade-mode setup dialogs
  • imp: software-list export: added the ‘supported’ column to the software-list export feature
  • imp: software-lists: added a ‘clear selection’ item to the software-list’s context-menu
  • imp: updated MESS category.ini contributed by ASH to his latest version as of 28-MAY-2013
  • imp: software-lists: save/restore an individual position of the vertical splitter for use with the software-detail widget
  • imp: added support for multiple ZIPs per image type, specified as a semicolon-separated list of ZIP file paths
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: when a set is analyzed, also check for any device-references and offer a context-menu item to analyze them separately
  • imp: MAME/MESS/UME emulator templates updated to 0.149
  • imp: HTML editor: added a shorter editor object reference named ‘qmc2NEO’ as an alternative to ‘qmc2NotesEditorObject’
  • imp: system- and software-notes templates: template macro additions ($EMULATOR_TYPE$, $SOFTWARE_STATUS$, $SOFTWARE_STATUS_UT$ and $SOURCE_FILE$)
  • imp: updated & renamed the alternative system-/software-notes templates contributed by José Marcio Rezende Franco
  • imp: MESS device configurator: minor UI improvements using fewer frames and some new icons
  • imp: all MAME targets: added support for detection of HBMAME
  • imp: minor speed ups on the initial loading of the game/machine list views
  • imp: made XML cache loading/creation an interruptable process
  • imp: X11 and Windows only: the scaling mode for snapshots taken through the embedder can now be selected
  • imp: using Qt’s built-in (= non-native) standard file-dialogs wherever possible (you can optionally switch back to using native dialogs, however, we don’t recommend it due to possible issues on some platforms or desktop systems)
  • imp: added a ‘reset’ action to all header context-menus (will make all contained columns visible and stretch them equally)
  • imp: added support for samples to all MESS targets as well (MESS supports samples since sometime after 0.148u3), however, this doesn’t include the sample-checker yet
  • imp: available ‘bios’ and ‘ramsize’ options are now displayed with their descriptions (bios) or as human readable values (ramsize), including an indication for the default option and natural sorting
  • imp: enabled free sorting for shortcut- and joystick-maps
  • imp: log a warning to the front-end log when QMC2 finds multiple uses of the same set name during game-/machine-list cache creation
  • imp: integrated zlib updated to version 1.2.8 (see zlib’s change-log for details)
  • new: system- and software-notes templates: added two new slots for use with zipped images: ‘qmc2NEO.isZippedImage()’ will determine if an image is from a ZIP, ‘qmc2NEO.getImageData()’ will return the base64-encoded image data which you can use in tags (caution: may be slow and will inflate the HTML enormously — only use this with the WYSIWYG editor!)
  • new: HTML editor: added an option to show/hide the HTML tab
  • new: system- and software-notes templates: added support for querying the XML (from -listxml) using XQuery through the new slots ‘qmc2NEO.queryXml()’ (will execute an XQuery on the complete XML data, warning: may be slow), ‘qmc2NEO.queryLocalXml()’ (same as before, restricted to a single game/machine and thus much faster) and ‘qmc2NEO.getXmlResult()’ (will return the list of result strings as an array)
  • new: search-patterns used to match games/machines or software-list entries can now be negated on-the-fly through a setup-menu attached to the search-box’s find button
  • new: promoted ‘Qt CHDMAN GUI’ (see tools/qchdman) to non-WIP status as it meanwhile supports all ‘chdman’ commands
  • new: allow merging the file-chooser mapping with the currently set device-mappings
  • new: added a built-in palette-editor to easily set up UI colors (without the use of a Qt style-sheet or ‘qtconfig’ which isn’t available on all platforms)
  • new: added a slot-info cache for faster initial loading of data from ‘-listslots’
  • new: added selectable zoom-factors for the software-list’s floating snapshot-viewer and the embedder’s snapshot-list/-viewer
  • new: X11 and Windows only: snapshots taken through the embedder can now directly replace an image of any type; the image will be stored to the first (primary) folder and a backup file will be created there first (note that this is only available for images stored in folders, not for zipped images)
  • new: added support for state-checking, -caching & -filtering of software-lists
  • new: added a source file column to all game-/machine-list views
  • new: added an option to allow for automatic emulator termination when a new one is launched (i.e. run one emulator instance at a time)
  • new: added new QMC2 Arcade theme ‘darkone’ including additional functionality by Pete Beardmore
  • new: QMC2 Arcade’s default values for the command line switches -theme, -console and -graphicssystem now follow any customizations made in the main GUI’s arcade mode setup dialog
  • wip: adding support for freely definable additional artwork classes (system- or software-images)
  • doc: the QMC2 FAQ has been moved to the wiki

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