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Author Message
Post subject: Doomsday 1.9.10-1  PostPosted: Jan 07, 2013 - 12:10 AM
News Scout

Joined: Jul 06, 2004
Posts: 1919

Location: W-Live

Highscores in 03/2017

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Der Doom, Hexen und Heretic Source-Port Doomsday Engine ist aktualisiert worden.

Wer Lust bekommen hat, Doomsday einmal auszuprobieren, kann sich z.B. die Shareware Version von Doom und anderen ID Spielen auf Q-Marines DOOM WADs Dat Projekt Seite herunterladen.

A new stable version of the Doom, Heretic and Hexen source port Doomsday Engine has been released.

You can find some shareware versions of Doom and other ID games at Q-Marines DOOM WADs Dat project page.



In version 1.9.10 we are taking concrete steps forward in pursuit of several long-term objectives. A guiding principle has been to bring a new level of clarity into the internal structure of the engine while also preparing the next-generation incarnations of key subsystems: file system, resource management, and scripting. This means, though, that the number of visible changes is still significantly smaller than the number of internal changes.
We hope that this is soon changing as the pieces are now falling into place for us to start addressing UI and graphics related issues.
The work we´ve done in this release illustrates our strategy for realizing Doomsday 2: instead of attempting to rewrite everything at once and getting hopelessly bogged down with the massive workload, we are upgrading subsystems gradually, during many small iterations.
´´´End of jDoom/jHeretic/jHexen.´´´ We´ve made a fundamental change regarding game plugins. We are now using the main Doomsday version number (1.9.10) for all of the "official" game plugins (libdoom, libheretic, libhexen). This effectively marks the end of jDoom and the other j-ports they have been finally fully demoted from individual ports to mere plugins for Doomsday. However, we will continue supporting the j-prefixed names inside resource packages for backwards compatibility.

  • The longstanding gameplay bug that prevented a column from lowering on Doom E1M7 has now been fixed. {{sfbug|861}}
  • On Linux, the FluidSynth audio plugin´ no longer requires FMOD to play music; it can send music directly to the audio output.
  • Command-line tools for creating and editing data files (md2tool, wadtool, texc) are now included as part of the distribution packages. (Note: wadtool is only available for Windows in this release.)
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

Progress on roadmap

Completed roadmap items:
  • FluidSynth for MIDI playback: use system-wide libfluidsynth on Unix (pulseaudio)
  • Remove obsolete j-prefixes of the game plugins

Progress was made with the following large roadmap items:
  • Doomsday Script: merge Haw script interpreter from Hawthorn, native functions, Config.de, begun building the Standard Library
  • Modularize engine codebase: regrouped engine sources by domain
  • Refactor engine into a shared library: relocated fixed-point math, Animator, Point, Rect, Size, StringArray and timer to libdeng1, PathTree and json moved to libdeng2
  • Internal file system: refactoring FS1 and dependent code towards the libdeng2 FS in preparation of an eventual merge/replacement; added persist.pack
  • Began work on Unicode strings: many parts of the engine´s internal file system have been revised to use Unicode text (but full Unicode support isn´t working yet)
  • Stage 1 of Drop Snowberry: remove display config options as these are handled by the engine itself

If you are upgrading an existing installation of Doomsday, note the following:
  • Your automatic update preferences, main window position, and display mode will be reset to the default settings. This information is no longer stored in the system registry (on Windows) or other system-provided configuration files. Instead, it is saved in persist.pack in your runtime folder.
  • The default display mode is now your desktop resolution. (Previously it has been 640 x 480.)

    Patch release for Version 1.9.10 that improves the stability of the engine and fixes some incorrect behavior.

    • Map Renderer: Secret exit switch coords in DOOM E3M6
    • OpenAL: Compilation failure with integer conversion in 64-bit build
    • Fatal exception about failure to get a lock (bug in de::Lockable)
    • Handle exception if failed to open log output file (e.g., starting a second instance of Doomsday when running a dedicated server on the same machine)

  • Related links:
    [ Weitere Remakes und VMs ]

    Willst du mehr von, über oder mit mir lesen, besuche mich auf

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    Post subject: RE: Doomsday 1.9.10-1  PostPosted: Jan 08, 2013 - 10:22 AM

    Joined: Sep 10, 2010
    Posts: 208

    Highscores in 03/2017

    im übrigen hat doomsworld mal wieder zum 19-jährigen jubiläum von doom die jährlichen cacowards veröffentlicht.
    also wer die szene nicht regelmäßig verfolgt, kann da die besten projekte des letzten jahres auf einem blick sehen:


    wobei da die meisten wads entweder einem limit removing port benötigen (wie prboom) oder zdoom.
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