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Post subject: Atari ST: EmuTOS v0.8.7  PostPosted: Jun 21, 2012 - 01:18 PM
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Eine neue Version von EmuTOS ist erschienen. EmuTOS ist eine freie Umsetzung des Atari ST Betriebssystems und voll kompatibel dazu.

EmuTOS is a GEMDOS compatible operating system for Atari ST series computers. It is made from Digital Research´s GPLed original sources and will be a free and open source replacement for common TOS images.

EmuTOS version 0.8.7
- Added full XBIOS support for Falcon and TT video hardware
- New video mode switching dialog box for Falcon and TT
- New EmuTOS variant on ROM-port cartridge
- New UK country and keyboard layout with PAL frequency
- Added potential support for non-Atari hardware
- Fixed wrong keyboard layout read from the NVRAM
- Fixed bogus _AKP cookie values
- Fixed _IDT cookie with unique language ROMs
- Use the _IDT date ordering in the default desktop
- Fixed the _SND cookie to remove unsupported bits (0.8.6 regression)
- Added support for XHDI XHNewCookie()
- Added minimal stub Blitmode()
- Fixed floprw() to be able to read multiple sectors
- Return function number rather than zero for unimplemented (x)bios calls
- Fixed VDI polygon fill
- Fixed VDI line drawing in transparent mode
- Fixed VDI to draw text underlines & perimeters in the correct colour
- Fixed VDI text scaling
- Fixed VDI line styles and arrows for thin line arcs/ellarcs
- Fixed AES sh_addpath() when there was no PATH variable
- Increased allowed number of desk accessories from 3 to 6
- Allowed up to 7 windows on the desktop
- Fixed the desktop to use "view as icons" by default
- Fixed random character at the end of desktop "view as text" lines
- Fixed alerts with no icon and a single text line
- Changed desktop alerts to conform to the limit of 32 characters per line
- Fixed the version displayed in the desktop about box for translated ROMs
- Workaround against GFA startup crash
- New erd tool for converting binary resources to source files
- New mkrom tool to build custom ROM formats
- A lot of other minor bugfixes and cleanups

EmuTOS version 0.8.6
- Support for FAT16 partitions up to 2 GB
- Support for the ColdFire V4e CPU (allows running ColdFire TOS programs only)
- Support for the FireBee computer
- Experimental Falcon IDE driver (currently only enabled on the FireBee)
- LMC1992 initialization on STe/TT
- Better memory detection on cold boot
- Fixed the XBIOS time functions for the various hardware clocks
- Key repeat now produces key clicks
- Improved the register dump when a program crashes
- VFAT long filenames are now safely ignored
- Support for drives from A: to Z:
- Malloc() now returns blocks aligned on 4-byte for better performance
- The BIOS console now supports the 256-color modes (but the VDI still doesn´t)
- The text cursor does not blink when it moves
- Fixed the STe BIOS default palette
- Fixed the VDI default palette
- Fixed the VDI functions for drawing arrows
- Better searching for RSC files
- Added desktop support for GTP executables
- Desktop windows can be scrolled using arrow keys
- Better initial icon placement on the default desktop
- Fixed the position and size of the windows when reloading the desktop
- Allow resolution switching in ST color modes
- Fixed the BCD build date in the ROM header to DDMMYYYY format
- The 192 KB ROMs are provided again
- The special ARAnyM, FireBee, floppy and RAM versions are now provided
- Support for compilation using GCC 4.6.x
- New languages: Russian and Italian
- A lot of other minor bugfixes and cleanups

EmuTOS version 0.8.5
- Timeout on boot removed - hold if you miss it
- Show boot splash screen on coldstart only
- Some GEMDOS bug fixes (e.g. double "." directory bug) and code improvements
- Some VDI bug fixes (e.g. bit-blit function, mouse init)
- Fixed Getrez() for TT shifter resolutions
- New CPUFLAGS Make variable to allow easy compilation for a specific CPU
- Fixed writing to floppy on real STe hardware
- XBIOS floppy functions now return errors codes in full 32 bits of d0
- EmuCON does not show the volume label during the DIR command anymore

EmuTOS version 0.8.4
Version 0.8.4 of the Atari TOS replacement EmuTOS has been released. Following items have been fixed/improved:
- RTC detection fixed
- Return code problem of Dsetdrv fixed
- Experimental UART functions
- _SND cookie is now correctly initialized on STE
- BIOS parallel port code fixed
- EmuCON bug fixes and improvements

EmuTOS version 0.8.3
- Support for the PUN_INFO structure for block devices
- Bugfixes in the i18n functions
- The VDI function v_clrwk() has been fixed
- Improved VDI color palette functions
- The standard etos512k.img can now also be used on Aranym (no more special build required)
- EmuTOS can now be compiled with GCC 4.2, too (not very well tested though)
- Fixed off-by-one bug in VDI mouse driver
- Improved XBIOS clock functions (IKBD clock is now working, too)

via Try2emu

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