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Post subject: QMC2 v0.36  PostPosted: May 22, 2012 - 06:05 PM
AEP Team Member

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QMC2 - M.A.M.E./M.E.S.S. Catalog / Launcher II ist ein SDLMAME / MAME / MAMEUIFX und SDLMESS / MESS Frontend für Linux / Unix, Mac OS X und für Windows.

QMC2 - M.A.M.E./M.E.S.S. Catalog / Launcher II is an SDLMAME / MAME / MAMEUIFX and SDLMESS / MESS frontend for Linux / Unix, Mac OS X and Windows.

v0.36, 21-MAY-2012:
  • fix: ROMAlyzer: don´t stop searching for CHDs at the first ROM path (when there are multiple ROM paths)
  • fix: allow embedding of (MAME/MESS-like) foreign emulators again -- changes made in 0.35 prevented this completely
  • fix: changed the default short-cut for the check template map action to ´Ctrl+Shift+C´ -- the previous default of ´Ctrl+C´ was awkward since it´s usually used as short-cut for copy to clipboard
  • fix: avoid crashes in the game list parser and the ROMAlyzer´s checksum wizard due to unexpected nameless entries (first appeared in MESS 0.145u1+)
  • fix: build: corrected a new set of compile-time bugs related to builds with PHONON=0
  • fix: ROMAlyzer: after updating CHDs to the latest format, update the CHD header information from the replaced file before comparing the SHA1 checksums
  • fix: minor: corrected a few texts with regard to the current variant´s emulator type (MAME vs. MESS)
  • fix: file-chooser: expand/collapse ZIP-contents on any type of ´activation´ (i.e. not only on mouse double-clicks but also when enter or return are pressed, includes navigation via cursor-keys)
  • fix: re-enable ´locked´ widgets when the emulator can´t be started for reading the game/machine data
  • fix: MESS device configurator: corrected display of file-editor´s data when there´s only one available device instance (by synchronizing delegate/model updates)
  • fix: don´t start a verification process when the ROM state cache can´t be opened for writing
  • fix: file-chooser: the machine-dependent software-folder was not correctly pre-selected when existing device configurations were loaded in parallel
  • fix: MESS device configurator: avoid a rare crash when systems are hovered very quickly (asynchronous updates may otherwise work on meanwhile invalid data)
  • fix: clear favorites and play-history upon reload and make sure the last selected game/machine is correctly re-selected (if applicable)
  • fix: ROMAlyzer: when repairing a set and the wanted CRC or name (header-)entry already exists in the target ZIP, recreate the complete ZIP file in order to replace the ´bad´ file
  • fix: ROMAlyzer: don´t rewrite sets that are analyzed on behalf of the checksum-wizard (even if ´rewrite while analyzing´ has been activated)
  • fix: corrected some additional MESS-specific phrases and removed WIP-only stuff from key- & joystick-mappers
  • fix: adjusted the behavior of the two main search combo-boxes and tied them more closely
  • fix: software-lists: support multiple allowed device-interface types
  • fix: MiniWebBrowser: don´t raise main-widget / lower browser window(s) when selecting the path to save a downloadable resource
  • fix: corrected character conversion when compressing HTML data stored in in-memory and on-disk web-caches (using QString::toLocal8Bit() instead of QString::toLatin1() now)
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: LRU-caching XML data positions in order to speed up merge-processing
  • imp: updated the MAME variant´s logo with an improved version from JacKc
  • imp: MESS device configurator: log a warning when ´-listslots´ crashes
  • imp: MAME/MESS emulator templates updated to 0.146 (fixed duplication of option ´natural´ in MESS templates)
  • imp: interpret the new ´has no roms´ status as ´good´ (a.k.a. correct)
  • imp: foreign emulator support: added $DESCRIPTION$ as an optional argument placeholder for the set´s description
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: interpret emu- and file-states of sets that have no ROMs as ´good´ also in case of MAME (new since 0.145u2)
  • imp: ROM status check: circumvent the corner case of sets without ROMs also in case of MAME (new since 0.145u2, see ´ide_baseboard´ and ´hdd´ devices)
  • imp: ROMAlyzer: log possible driver XML bugs where a merge-name is given without a parent set to take it from (other than this, these cases are ignored and treated as ´good´ merge-states)
  • imp: when registering foreign emulators, the existance of the $ID$ placeholder on the supplied command line is now indicated through a green/yellow colored label (when $ID$ is missing, the configuration will most likely not work)
  • imp: allow the specification of the emulator´s working directory already in the welcome dialog
  • imp: updated redistributed Qt translations from Qt 4.8.1
  • imp: honor ´players´ value for device sets where applicable (i.e. some input devices)
  • imp: MESS device configurator: sort slot-options alphanumerically, add a separator between ´not used´ and available options, allow disabling of default slot-options and indicate them as such
  • imp: main widget: revised all auto-connected menu actions to use QAction::triggered(bool) (instead of a meanwhile deprecated signal)
  • imp: slightly better responsiveness while loading cached XML data
  • imp: Mac OS X build: avoid using xcodebuild for Qt 4.8+
  • imp: replaced the ´MESS wiki driver look-up´ with a ProjectMESS-based search since most data in the MESS wiki was lost, and ProjectMESS is the new de-facto ´#1 web-resource for all things MESS´ Smile
  • imp: the MiniWebBrowser´s zoom-factor can now also be specified through a (mouse) wheel-event when the Ctrl-key is pressed at the same time (like most standalone browsers)
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added support for CHD v5 (new since MAME/MESS 0.145u1) -- built-in analysis will work for CHD v3, v4 and v5; however, note that all ´CHD manager´ functionality requires chdman from MAME/MESS 0.145u1+ now
  • new: ROMAlyzer: added a function to store the current log contents to a file
  • new: added tear-off capability to all menus within menu-bars
  • new: added freely customizable lists of game/machine IDs (and descriptions) that can be attached to foreign emulators and be presented / launched through the menu
  • new: both the MAWS (off-line) and the ProjectMESS driver look-up features save/restore their zoom-factors now
  • new: experimental support for Qt 5, which is in alpha-stage right now (there will be no embedder support on X11 platforms in the first place, since they dropped some X11-specific classes like the QX11EmbedContainer -- an add-on for Qt 5 to revive this functionality is planned, but will probably not be available before Qt 5.1)
  • new: YouTube video-player: you can now also ´paste´ a YouTube video URL into the video-player itself, which will then start playing the respective video without attaching it to the play list
  • new: about dialog: added output of run-time Qt library paths to the system-information page
  • new: integrated zlib 1.2.6 to remove the extra requirement
  • new: the MiniWebBrowser now supports and allows pop-up window requests when the build option BROWSER_JAVASCRIPT is enabled (which is the default)
  • new: build option BROWSER_EXTRAS is now enabled by default which also activates the use of QtWebKit´s Web Inspector in the MiniWebBrowser for everyone
  • new: added a Spanish translation -- thanks to Daniel Barrado
  • wip: adding a set rename tool to the ROMAlyzer which uses the -listxml outputs from both the old and the current emulator to gather the changes automagically
  • wip: adding a Romanian translation (mostly done) -- thanks to Mihai Boisteanu
  • wip: adding an Italian translation -- thanks to Stefano Cereda
  • wip: adding a stand-alone CHDMAN GUI (see tools/qchdman/)
  • wip: adding a Greek translation -- thanks to Kostas Albanidis
  • wip: adding a Swedish translation -- thanks to Daniel Nylander

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