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Post subject: DGen/SDL v1.26  PostPosted: Oct 21, 2011 - 02:45 PM
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DGen/SDL ist ein Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Emulator für Linux / SDL.

DGen/SDL is a Sega Genesis emulator for Linux / SDL.

v1.26 <- v1.25
* Upgraded Musashi from 2.0 to 3.3.1. This version solves various emulation problems.
* Reworked autoconf and automake scripts to improve readability and portability.
* Added support for MinGW. DGen can now run in Windows.
* Fixed messy border again, this time for all video color depths.
* OpenGL: added bool_opengl_aspect to keep the original aspect ratio during resizing. This option is enabled by default.
* Added support for 24 bpp (3 Bpp) mode.
* Made Crap TV filters available for all architectures, color depths and OpenGL.
* OpenGL: fixed GL_LINEAR support so it can be used again instead of GL_NEAREST, one can switch between them with bool_opengl_linear (enabled by default).
* Refactored the main loop and SDL code for a smooth frame rate with an improved sound synchronization.
* Made a wrapper to open and create files relative to user´s home directory in a system-independant manner.
* Fixed Z80 speed in NTSC mode, sound effects were abnormally high pitched.
* Improved FPS counter.
* Removed SIGALRM for improved portability.
* OpenGL: now enabled by default when available.
* MZ80: fixed segfault on reset.
* OpenGL: use 16 bpp mode internally instead of 32, allow textures to be 16 (default) or 32 bit with bool_opengl_32bit.
* OpenGL: added bool_opengl_swap to byte-swap colors when the host computer endianness is not the same as the ouptut (possible with X11 sessions).
* Screenshots are now generated from the internal video buffer as TARGA files so they are available in all modes (OpenGL or not) and depths (except 8 bpp, as usual). Their output directory is ~/.dgen/screenshots.
* OpenGL: the message bar now spans both textures.
* Improved stopped mode to be less easily unstopped and to avoid dropping frames. Also, it now accepts resizes and refreshes.
* Added the -H option to tweak emulation speed. Can be used to run 50Hz games at 60Hz.

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