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Post subject: Sweet16 v2.3.1  PostPosted: Aug 01, 2011 - 01:36 PM
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Der Apple IIgs Emulator Sweet16 für Mac OS X ist in einer neuen Version erschienen.

A new version of the Apple IIgs emulator Sweet16 for Mac OS X has been released. Thanks to 1Emulation.com for the news.

Version 2.3.1 (July 31, 2011)

  • Note: The improvements to mouse wheel support rely on an updated version of the SweetPrinter extension; please install that if you want to use the mouse wheel features.
  • Improved the vertical mouse wheel support to be more reliable.
  • Added support for horizontal mouse wheel scrolling.
  • The emulator speed overlay now moves properly when the video window is resized.

Version 2.3 (July 22, 2011)
  • Note: Many of these features rely on updated versions of Apple IIgs components; be sure to install them from the embedded tools disk that you can mount using the option in the Setup menu.
  • Sweet16 now provides nice support for mouse wheels for vertical scrolling in desktop applicaitons.
  • Sweet16 now sets the appropriate I/O bits to differentiate between left and right clicks of the mouse (bug 121).
  • Fixed a crash that was occurring when trying to play disk eject sound effects.
  • Clearing of memory on reset is now more like on a real Apple IIgs (bug 104).
  • Fixed the "Clear Recent Disks" menu option so it no longer crashes (bug 105).
  • Replaced the broken "Get Clipboard from Mac" NDA on the embedded tools disk with an updated version that works (bug 120).
  • Rewrote the code to support the mouse wheel. Now instead of sending up and down arrow key events, it actually scrolls the contents of windows, TextEdit boxes, and other scrollable objects.
  • Rewrote all the sound code; now it uses Core Audio instead of the old and very obsolete Sound Manager (bug 101).
  • In order to make code that uses sound interrupts for timing work better, Sweet16 now fires two sound interrupts per oscillator they finish playing in one-shot mode, instead of just one. This makes the interrupts fire closer to the right timing (although still not correct). This helps games like Tass Times in Tonetown have music that sounds closer to the way they do on a real IIgs. I´m still trying to sort out the real cause of this problem (bug 111).
  • Changed the "Sound Support" option into a "Mute Sound" option. This no longer disables the sound code (which broke a lot of GS software), but instead simply sets the volume to zero (bug 125).
  • Improved the reliability of the 1-bit sound emulation code by removing the code that shuts off the sound engine while idle. This reduces sitations where the beginning of sounds was clipped off. This was supposed to improve performance (and might have way back on slower processors), but wasn´t.
  • Also removed special code that shut off 1-bit sound processing while idle, for the same reason.
  • Removed the system information window, which only displayed emulated CPU speed. Instead, find an option in the View menu to show an overlay on the GS video window that tells you the emulated speed.
  • While in full screen mode, there´s now a text notice in the GS screen border area explaining how to get back to windowed mode. This is typically only visible if you don´t use the "native aspect ratio" mode.
  • If you install the SweetPrinter extension on your emulated IIgs, the shutdown dialog box in desktop applications now offers a "Quit" button that quits Sweet16, as well as the normal "Restart" button. You can just press "Q" to quit.
  • Pausing the emulator now dims the screen to make it obvious that you´re paused (bug 102).
  • Cleaned up the about box to be a little nicer looking.
  • The preference window includes a note explaining that you need to quit and restart Sweet16 for changes to the ZipGS enable/disable preference to take effect.
  • Changed the default title of the video window.

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