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Post subject: PSX: FPSEce v0.11  PostPosted: Sep 20, 2010 - 01:12 PM
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Nach langer Zeit ist eine neue Version von FPSEce erschienen. FPSEce ist ein Playstation Emulator für Windows Mobile Geräte.

After a long hiatus a new version of FPSEce has been released. FPSEce is a Playstation emulator for Windows Mobile devices.

UPDATE 09/15/2010!
Fix for WM2003 and 2003SE, now FpseCE run on those devices.
Now FpseCE is a Task!! it can be reloaded and Killed via the task manager
Recompiler buffer resized to 4mb! was sized to 3, and somes games crashed, like Colin Mc Rallye 2
Somes Armv6 optimisations, to set them, add ArmCoreV6=on into ini file.
Fix for Hardware key assignement (Asus A620 IE)

UPDATE 09/12/2010!
FpseCE has changed to 0.11.
New global timing to be close to a true Psone, games are faster, smoother and more playable!
Compatibility is lot higher due to this new timing.
Added New menu to assign Icons to games shortcut, this will let you change main exe icon and Games directory Icon on Device >= WM6.0
Added new video driver, Direct3D. a device with Direct3D hardware acceleration is necessary to get good speed.
Added New external GPU plugin (a port of the Dr Hell plugin for PC), this one work perfectly, it has no color inversion problem, but is slower than GPUsoft (the internal GPU plugin). i will spread source code shortly.
Fixed many bugs since previous version...
Function to boost games has been implemented preliminary, you have to set Flag0=80 into gamelist.ini for the game you want to boost. (this function has to be used only if necessary, and won´t work for all games, a next version will propose different level of boost to avoid such problem)

UPDATE 06/19/2010!
Added support for a second controller, for example you can play with a BGP100 using internal driver for PAD1 and a Wiimote or a Sixasis pad using Colbalt Driver 0.3 for PAD2.
To use this new feature you have to wait an update of the SKINS to get a button to switch from pad 1 to 2 into Pad Configuration Screen, normaly Simon Mallion 1.08. ( Look in my last post in this thread to make it your own button until Skins are updated)
Added new Handling Code, that make new Bluetooth Keyboard working.. into fpse.ini JOY0PAD section add capture_mode=1 to make working the new BT keyboard.
Possibility to unset Bilinear Filtering by adding Bilinear=0 into POCKETPC section of fpse.ini

UPDATE 06/12/2010!
The previous version had Multitouch broken in other video mode than GDI...
Fixed somes bugs for GDI mode.
Optimized GDI mode (ASM code in next version).
New Memory Allocation, with this one FpseCE shouldn´t have anymore mem alloc problem.

UPDATE 06/10/2010!
New experimental GDI mode with Full Antialiasing using Bilinear Filtering.
Fixed Key assignement code, sometime it printed same value, was necessary to reboot device.

UPDATE 05/29/2010!
Somes Fixes here and there...
Fix for internal audio plugin... Sound is far better than before, just use stereo headphones and listen.
Added Incoming call Catch event, FpseCE pause and minimize when incoming call.

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Post subject: PSX: FPSEce v0.11  PostPosted: Sep 20, 2010 - 01:21 PM
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geil, dachte schon Win mobile wäre für alle seid iphone nimmer interessant genug um da weiter was zu entwickeln Smile jetzt nochmal eine neue mamece or PocketCultMame version und ich bin happy Very Happy

Regeln für Forum, Chat,...
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