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Post subject: Apple: Sweet16 v2.2.1  PostPosted: Sep 17, 2010 - 03:15 PM
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Der Apple IIgs Emulator Sweet16 für Mac OS X ist in einer neuen Version erschienen.

A new version of the Apple IIgs emulator Sweet16 for Mac OS X has been released.

Version 2.2.1 (September 16, 2010)

1. The CleverPort ROM now correctly stores $C7 in $07F8 when handling I/O.

Version 2.2 (July 18, 2010)

1. Sweet16 now defaults to having speed control enabled, with the GS set to a 40 MHz emulated speed. This prevents laptops from getting hot while running Sweet16. You can easily turn off speed control to let your GS fly, using the preferences´ CPU options panel.

2. You can now mount ProDOS-order (.po) disk images that are not floppy disk sizes.

3. When paused, Sweet16 no longer continues to use lots of your Mac´s processor capacity.

4. Creating 1.4 MB disks using the Create Disk Image feature now creates disk images that are actually 1.4 MB, rather than 1.6 MB.

Version 2.1.3 (August 29, 2009)

1. Adjusted the CPU emulation loop, resunting in a substantial emulated IIgs speed increase, especially on PowerPC.

2. Fixed the CPU speed control feature to work on PowerPC.

3. Rewrote the Recent Disks menu code to only show the names of the disk image files, instead of full URLs, in the Recent Disks submenu.

4. The Control-H keystroke no longer resets the emulated Apple IIgs. Oops.

5. Removed some stray debug output.

Version 2.1.2 (August 26, 2009)

1. Fixed several errors in the French keyboard support.

2. Creating any size disk image, including floppy disk sizes, now has the same speed improvement that hard disk image creation received in Sweet16 2.1.1.

3. Removed an obsolete error message.

4. Fixed an error message that was coming up blank when trying to create an invalidly-sized DiskCopy 4.2 image.

5. The disk image size now tracks correctly in the "Create Disk Image" window, so the size you get actually matches the size you picked all the time; there were cases in which that wouldn´t necessarily be the case.

Version 2.1.1 (August 4, 2009)

1. Reworded the alert that appears when trying to mount a CD-ROM when no CD-ROM is found, since the same alert is used both when there is no CD-ROM media available as well as when there is no CD-ROM drive available.

2. Memory no longer gets leaked when controls in the Create Disk Image and Create Emupack file panels are clicked on.

3. The Create Disk Image panel now lets you create DiskCopy 4.2 images at 1.4 MB.

4. The Create Disk Image panel’s size popup no longer wanders out of view when you resize the panel.

5. Enabled some new optimizations that noticeably improves performance on PowerPC systems.

6. Removed some unnecessary debug output.

7. The SpiderMonkey JavaScript runtime is now weak-linked, so that Sweet16 really does now run on PowerPC G3 systems (albeit without debugger support).

8. The Create Disk Image panel now lets you choose a disk image format on Mac OS X 10.4; previously this popup window didn’t do anything prior to Mac OS X 10.5.

9. Creating disk images of even 1 MB sizes (5 MB, 10 MB, 32 MB, 100 MB, for example) now goes much, much faster, since instead of writing out 512 bytes at a time, these are written 1 MB at a time. A future update will provide a similar performance improvement for floppy size image creation.

10. Clicks in the video window are no longer ignored when the System Information window is open.

11. Removed some unnecessary mutual exclusion code in the networking support, speeding up networking substantially.

12. Rewrote the video timing code to be more precise.

13. The main event loop now does sleeps instead of busy-loops, dramatically reducing wasted CPU cycles; Sweet16 plays much more nicely with other running processes now.

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