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Post subject: Frontends: emuControlCenter 1.1  PostPosted: Jul 11, 2010 - 05:57 PM

Joined: Dec 20, 2006
Posts: 52

Location: Daheim
Status: Offline

Eine neue Version von emuControlCenter wurde veröffentlicht.

A new version of emuControlCenter has been released.

ECC v1.1 final changelog:

Added platforms:
  • Exelvision EXL100
  • Funtech Super A´can
  • Fruit Machines
  • Galaksija - Galaksija Plus
  • Jungle Soft Vii
  • V. I. Lenin L´vov/Lviv
  • Philips P2000
  • Tesla PMD-85

WIP 06.1 (2010-02-20)
  • Fixed an issue where broken image icons are shown in the GUI, when no roms are in the database (like on first startup)

WIP 06 (2010-02-20)
  • Integrated ImagePackCreator (IPC) into ECC (no more standalone).
  • Added icons to the top-menu system: tools > images.
  • Adjusted some top-menu texts.
  • Fixed a little bug in dropdownMediaType.
  • Added genre ´Gambling - Quiz/Gameshow´.

WIP 05 (2010-02-19)
  • Added about 150 new genres (vicman/dermicha75/te_lanus)
  • Removed the ´beta´ strings, ECC is now officially out of the beta period!
  • Changed in dropdownMediaType > ´floppydics´ to ´floppydisc´.

WIP 04 (2010-01-09)
  • Added ´Info-ID´ label in the right panel. (DerMicha75)
  • Fixed year value in right-menu>quickfilter.
  • Fixed trainer/multiplayer dropdown options to Yes/No.

WIP 03.2 (2009-11-23)
  • ade the ´IMAGE´ TAB in the mainscreen translatable.

WIP 03.1 (2009-11-22)
  • Added active/nonactive properties to the unpackAll function, so the option cannot be selected, when autounpack is disabled!
  • Added a note underneath the zip function howto automaticly purge the unpack folder.

WIP 03 (2009-11-20)
  • Added an option in the ECC config to unpack ALL files with subdirs from a ZIP/7ZIP archive instead of the single rom file.

WIP 02 (2009-11-10)
  • Fixed the build string in the titlebar.
  • Added new dump types for you to search/filter ECC:

  • Added (changed) 2 multiplayer settings:
    • 1P Only
    • 2P Only

  • Added 5 new catagories
    • Action/RPG
    • Pinball/Pachinko
    • Sports/Bike
    • Sports/Snowboarding
    • Sports/Multi Game

  • Added folder ´utils´ into userfolder creation.

WIP 01 ( 2009-11-08 )
  • Added an option in ECC config to purge/empty the ´ecc-user#_AUTO_UNPACKED´ on ECC exit.

Small updates
  • Added commanline parameter for NullDC (Sega Dreamcast platform)
  • Fixed "Sega Dreamcast" info file (was commodore content)

Script updates

Added scripts:
  • ´EP128Emu´ emulator for Enterprise 64/128
  • ´EP32-120´ emulator for Enterprise 64/128
  • ´exl100_wx´ emulator for Excelvision
  • ´dcexel´ emulator for Excelvision
  • ´BFMulator´ emulator for Fruitmachines
  • ´Winape´ emulator script v1.0.0.2:
    • Fixed: When using plain files the timer was set to fast, so i increased 1000 to 2500.
    • Fixed: When using ZIP files the ´#´ wasn´t taken by the autoit ´send´ command.

  • Added commanline parameter for Fusion on the Sega Mega CD platform.
  • Added ´bin´ extension for the Amstrad GX4000 platform.
  • Dosbox v1.0.0.3
    • Fixed a problem when there is an IMG file found while the game needs to be started with a .EXE/.COM file.

ECC Startup

    ECC Startup now also maintains the emulatorlist, stored in the ´ecc_navigation.ini´ file automaticly, based on if these emulator files exist:
    > ecc_[eccid]_system.ini
    > ecc_[eccid]_user.ini
    This way its more like a pluginnable interface for new platforms, and also prevents overwriting them with newer or other ´user´ packages.

    Increased the width of the splashscreen label a littlebit, so that more text can be shown.

DATfile updates
  • CPS-1: v2010.01.03 to v2010.05.18
  • CPS-2: v2010.01.03 to v2010.05.18
  • MAME : v0.137 to v0.138
  • MODEL1: from mame v0.137 to v0.138
  • MODEL2: from mame v0.137 to v0.138
  • NAOMI : from mame v0.138 *NEW*
  • NEOGEO: v2009.09.15 to v2009.11.03
  • S11: from mame v0.137 to v0.138
  • S18: from mame v0.137 to v0.138
  • S22: from mame v0.137 to v0.138
  • ZINC : from mame v0.137 to v0.138

Thirdparty updates
  • Notepad++ v5.7
  • AutoIt v3.3.6.1

Related links:
[ Frontend Downloads ]

eCC Imagepack Designer :
Done: Vic20, N64, Philips VG-5000 G7000 G7400, SordM5, Amstrad GX4000, Enterprise 64/128
Progress: Atari 8bit, Exelvision EXL 100, Dosbox, 3D-Covers (all Systems) 
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