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Post subject: openMSX v0.8.0 Preview  PostPosted: Jun 05, 2010 - 10:37 PM
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Eine Preview Version des MSX Emulators openMSX v0.8.0 ist erschienen.

A preview version of MXS emulator openMSX v0.8.0 has been released.

openMSX 0.8.0 (2010-06-02)

This release brings you two major new features: reverse and Laserdisc. Reverse is similar to what you can do in meisei: you can ´rewind´ time with your finger tip, to correct game playing mistakes or inspect what caused a crash. Laserdisc is the Palcom system introduced by Pioneer in 1984: now you can play all the Palcom MSX Laserdisc games in openMSX!

For the rest we have mostly fixed smaller issues and added smaller features (see below). Here´s the list with all highlights:

New or improved emulator features:
  • Added reverse: go back in time to correct mistakes or replay your actions (use PgUp and PgDn to control, enable visualization of this feature with this console command: set auto_enable_reverse gui). For more information on usage, please see the (links in the) FAQ of the manual.
  • Debugging:
    - added information on last address/value written which triggered watch point
    - added several new debuggables: keymatrix, joystick ports, romblock
  • Windows unicode fixes
  • Added possibility to link to Generation MSX from within scripts
  • Various internal code cleanups
  • Better SDLGL-PP TV scaler, sensitive to scanline setting
  • Many speed and code size optimizations, developed in the context for the Dingoo port
  • Renamed "update" command to "openmsx_update" to avoid conflicts with the native Tcl command
  • Various tweaks to OSD menu: new colors (thanks Wolf), save states show date, toys menu, ...
  • Added new icon skin especially made for handhelds
  • Added OSD virtual keyboard (only international QWERTY layout for now) for devices without keyboard
  • Added OSD mouse support, you can now easily create drag and drop of MSX objects, for instance
  • New scripts that demonstrate the OSD framework:
    - experimental OSD script for tabbed MSXing (controllable from OSD menu)
    - music keyboard (visualize notes of sound chips)
    - SCC editor (edit SCC wave forms)
  • Experimental (still primitive) support for TAS (http://tasvideos.org/)

MSX device support:
  • Added emulation of Palcom Laserdisc games on the Pioneer PX-7/PX-V60 (note: not visible in screenshots and video recording yet)
  • Added support for balance per channel, including support for the "stereo" effect of the FM Stereo PAK and the stereo PSG of the Pioneer PX-7
  • Added new mapper: Arc
  • Accuracy improvements:
    - minor fixes in V99x8, V9990, YM2413 and YMF278 emulation
  • Added emulation of the trackball (thanks n_n)

Build system, packaging, documentation:
  • Added platform/CPU support for: PA-RISC, Dingoo, SuperH, Nokia N900/Maemo, MacOSX 10.6 / 64-bit, GNU/kFreeBSD, Atmel AVR32
  • For Laserdisc support (which is optional), added dependency on libogg, libvorbis and libtheora
  • Removed dependency on SDL_image

Related links:
[ MSX Emus ]

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