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Post subject: Diverse: RetroCopy v0.500B  PostPosted: Nov 19, 2009 - 03:33 PM
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RetroCopy ist ein SEGA Master System, SEGA Game Gear, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) und Sega System E Arcade Emulator für Windows.

RetroCopy is a SEGA Master System, SEGA Game Gear, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega System E Arcade emulator for Windows.


v0.500B - November 19th 2009
-[EMU] Added cycle accurate Game Gear emulation
-[EMU] Added multiplayer support (same machine) to NES, SEGA-E arcade and SMS drivers.
-[EMU] Fixed bug in NES PPU that was causing crashes for certain games upon loadup
-[EMU] Fixed a fews bug in NES APU that were causing slight issues with sound generation when DMC was used
-[EMU] Added korean mapper to SMS and corrected a few CodeMaster mapper games
-[EMU] Cleaned up the SMSVDP core (used by SMS, Gamegear and SEGA-E arcade cores) and made it more accurate using the new information found about the TMS9918 graphics processor.

-[CORE] Can now select whether to start playing on the emulated 3D television or in "fullscreen mode"
-[CORE] Added configurable input, you can now change every input to whatever you want including using key modifiers like SHIFT, ALT, etc.
-[CORE] Added joystick/joypad support. Up to 4 joysticks/joypads plugged in at once are supported.
-[CORE] Fixed issue with ENTER or SPACE causing the menu buttons to be pushed if you had focused a button while playing a game
-[CORE] Replaced most of boost::filesystem with own disk layer functions to reduce exception handling
-[CORE] Changed file functions to morph any "indirect" paths to a full path name to resolve any issues with working directory being set to something other than the RetroCopy directory
-[CORE] Added texture cache
-[CORE] Moved all system specific dat files to a dat subfolder to reduce main directory clutter
-[CORE] Added the emulator benchmark ROM internally into RetroCopy to avoid issues with not having the file
-[CORE] Can now run RetroCopy in a window on your desktop or fullscreen (default).
-[CORE] Every option is now saved in a config file
-[CORE] Now convert "unknown games" in the directory to a default GAME file so that they can possibly be played if valid
-[CORE] Fixed a few issues with GAME conversion, made it more reliable

-[3D] Added new 3D furniture into the Virtual Game Room
-[3D] Added a new 3D TV, it is more modern and has a widescreen aspect ratio to give more options for playing games accurately
-[3D] Added game gear 3D model upon which you can play games on. Even has a semi accurate LCD flicker effect.
-[3D] Changed shader code to only allow 5 active lights to improve performance.
-[3D] Fixed issue with camera tilting on Y axis after entering game room
-[3D] Added antialiasing and VSYNC options
-[3D] Fixed possible bug that may have detected shader capable cards when they didn´t support all features needed

-[AUDIO] Can now change sample rate up to 192000Hz for those seeking insane audio quality. Minimum allowed is 22050Hz which gives a tiny speed boost over the default of 44100Hz.

-[GUI] Tweaked the 3D game browser to make it easier to use
-[GUI] Fixed a very random crash bug that was caused by scrollbars not being properly initialized in some instances
-[GUI] Now show a 3D arcade machine in the area gameboxes go when viewing the arcade games since they don´t have gameboxes
-[GUI] Changed the theme of some buttons/windows to make a more cohesive looking interface
-[GUI] Added an animation effect when switching areas within RetroCopy
-[GUI] Added a random message generator on the main part of the interface that shows "witty" slogans.
-[GUI] Added login panel

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