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Post subject: Diverse: RetroCopy v0.400B  PostPosted: Oct 28, 2009 - 04:30 PM
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RetroCopy ist ein SEGA Master System, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) und Sega System E Arcade Emulator für Windows.

RetroCopy is a SEGA Master System, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Sega System E Arcade emulator for Windows.


v0.400B - October 28th 2009
-[EMU] Added Sega System E arcade emulation. The first cycle accurate Sega System E arcade emulator. It´s more accurate than MAME and sounds better!
-[EMU] Added new YM2413 (SMS sound chip) emulator which sounds a lot better than old one
-[EMU] Improved SMS/SEGAE VDP performance by 40%
-[EMU] Improved Z80 emulator performance by 20%
-[EMU] Changed the way the YM2413 and SMS-SN79489 were emulated in comparison to other components. They are now accurate to the cycle in line with the Z80/VDP rather than being slave devices, this comes at a small cost in performance but is less cluttered
-[EMU] Fixed SN79489 bug where data byte wasn´t correctly setting noise channel low bits and a bug with noise channel using incorrect period when set to TONE2 mode
-[EMU] Fixed various bugs relating to border emulation in the SMS VDP
-[EMU] Added TMS9918 chaining to the SMSVDP
-[EMU] Switched default NES buttons around to match real control pad (NIKOLA)
-[EMU] Fixed a few bugs in the Z80 core relating to undocumented instructions that the SEGA E games used
-[EMU] Refactored every emulator core and implemented versionized save states in preparation for disk loading/saving
-[CORE] Added an emulator benchmark. Allows you to see how many millions of emulated cycles your system can push. The latest CPUs are getting close to 150 million emulated cycles in RetroCopy now!
-[CORE] Implemented new GAME ROM format based on suggestions from users. Now each GAME file can have multiple ROMs inside it, each with their own settings. Works for every system whether console or arcade and achieves compression ratios 20:1 and over in some cases over plain ROM data. There are too many new GAME features added to list here so check my blog for more details.
-[CORE] RetroCopy now automatically converts SMS/NES/ARCADE ROMs it detects to new GAME format on first load, no more trouble with conversion as it´s seamless
-[CORE] Added graphics filters SCALE2x / SCALE4x / SCALE4x with scanlines, they run in a separate thread to maximize performance on multicore CPUs.
-[CORE] Added pixel filter and made it the default when fullscreen. Can switch between this and linear filtering with all the filters
-[CORE] Added ability for cores to specify video rotations if necessary for arcade games, like those in the sit down cocktail format
-[CORE] Fixed bug that stopped fast forward working
-[CORE] Fixed crash bug for people with old or non existant OpenGL based hardware. RetroCopy now works in the Microsoft "Software" renderer though hardware accelleration is a lot better.
-[CORE] Stopped SDL from dynamically creating some text files (stderr.txt and stdout.txt)

-[3D] Tweaked the pixel shaders a little bit to give a better lighting effect
-[3D] Fixed an issue with mouse view movement giving variable results depending upon the framerate

-[GUI] When clicking on PLAY GAMES the default is now looking at a game list with a 3D TV already selected, rather than having to first select a 3D TV to play on
-[GUI] Changed around the "in game" menu buttons and mode a more distinct difference between the 3D world and playing games
-[GUI] Added a different way to roam the virtual 3D game room using the mouse scroll buttons (Tommy)
-[GUI} Added UNICODE (UTF-8 externally, UTF-16/32 internally) support to the GUI, though none of the current fonts support the more exotic languages.
-[GUI] Changed GUI to accept resource image/cursor data as a per project setting
-[GUI] Added more cursor modes to give some feedback to the user
-[GUI] Added features to listview such as in place editing, indenting, etc
-[GUI] Fixed some small bugs in the software renderer
-[GUI] Added YEAR RELEASED and NUMBER OF PLAYERS to the game display list, taken from the GAME file.
-[GUI] Now up to six 3D game covers can be loaded when you click on a game
-[GUI] Increased size of 3D gamebox window to fit in more 3D boxes at once
-[GUI] Added new Sega Master System 3D gamebox which is a lot more accurate and based on real world dimensions
-[GUI] Added shader based lighting to the 3D Gameboxes (if capable) which makes them near photo-realistic now.
-[GUI] Changed the way you select to play SMS games. Now you select the console you want (SMS2 PAL, JAPANESE SMS, MARK III, SMS1 NTSC, etc) instead of selecting the video/region settings manually. There are slight differences in each console and RetroCopy emulates them for accuracy
-[GUI] Implemented keyboard navigation and searching within listview contents
-[GUI] Improved the game select screen and added some icons

-[GAMEDB] Wrote a completely new GAME database editor in the RetroCopy GUI code. If you want to help with becoming a GAME ROM database maintainer for the NES/SMS/etc please contact me.

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