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Author Message
Post subject: Frontends: emuControlCenter v1.0.0  PostPosted: Oct 11, 2009 - 10:06 PM
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Die Version 1.0.0 von emuControlCenter ist erschienen.

Version 1.0.0 of emuControlCenter has been released.

Version 1.0 (2009.10.11)

- Added platforms:
- Apple 3 (resources by: te_lanus)
- Commodore 128 (resources by: te_lanus)
- Philips Videopac+ G7400 (resources by: te_lanus)
- Sega Sammy Atomiswave (resources by: Vicman)
- Sord M5 (resources by: te_lanus)
- Vtech Laser 100/110 (resources by: te_lanus)
- Vtech Laser 350/500/700 (resources by: te_lanus)

WIP 06 ( 2009.08.08 )
- Moved the small ECC teaser image to the ´internal´ image folder.
- Fixed broken links of the ´ecc_icon_small.ico´ file in certain files.
- The header/banner website bug is fixed.
- now Show/Hide status of search-panel is saved.
- fixed "List view options not saved" bug.
- added new ps1 parser.
-- You have to update your ecc_ps1_system.ini, if you want use this parser!

WIP 05 (2009.03.31)
- implemented new gameid parser for PS1 (resources by zerosan).
- fixed the doubleclick bug in mainlist.
- optimized the refresh of imagelist and metadata panel.
- fixed the imagelist bug (duplicate entries if you navigate fast in mainlist Smile.
- fixed a bug that avoid, that roms in zip subfolders are removed from temp folder.

WIP 04 (2009.03.21)
- added new IconView mode. (experimental - not finished).
- fixed romOf/cloneOf bug.

WIP 03 (2009.02.13)
- added "IMAGES" panel for direct view of all images.
- reorganized meta info panel.
- optimized emuControlCenter for resolution 1024x768.
- Fixed the French language by changing the charset (finally!).
- Added back the tool languages for PT & GR (because they are not yet included and supported in the 0.9.9 series).
- Changed the original author/date/info inside the language files to the rightfull translater.

WIP 02 (2009.02.04)
- added "info ID" to freeform search.
- added autocompletion to "info string" and "info id" field in meta edit popup.
- fixed navigation auto update for "own edited/transfered meta".
- added "copy/move by searchresult".

WIP 01 (2009.01.26)
- added new filter modes
- own metadata (edited or transfered)
- Show your own modified metadata. This mode shows edited but not transfered (to gamedb) and also transfered meta!
- own metadata (edited only)
- This show only the edited meta, that isn´t transfered yet!
- own metadata (transfered only)
- This show only the transfered meta. Use this to update already uploaded metadata....
- Changed translation system. Now a source and destination encoding is setable via charset.ini

- Small updates:
- Added translations:
- Greek (by Alkis30)
- Hungarian (by Gruby & Delirious)
- Portoguese (by Namnam)
- Russian (by ALLiGaToR144)
- Spanish (by Jarlaxe)
- Fixed messagebox icons when selecting another theme then ´default´.
- Added theme color splashscreens for the themes:
- afterhours
- miss-kit-bubblegum
- miss-kit-purple
- Renamed the Platform ´Vtech Laser 200´ to ´Vtech Laser 200/210/310´
- Updated the ´Vtech Laser 200/210/310´ teaser.
- Updated the ´Dosbox´ teaser
- Renamed plaform ´Magnavox Oddysey2´ to ´Philips Videopac G7000´
- NOTE: You have to re-import your roms again!, because the eccid has,
been changed from ´ody2´ to ´vg7000´.

- Script updates:
- Added script for ´JVZ200´ emulator, for ´Laser 200´ (by te_lanus)
- Added script for ´WinAPE´ emulator, for ´Amstrad GX4000´ (by te_lanus)
- Added script for ´DCVG5K´ emulator, for ´Philips Videopac+ G5000´ (by Vicman)
- Updated ECC ScriptROM SYSTEM file to v1.0.0.7
- Made some gramatical changes in the ´title bar not found´ sentance.

- ECC Startup
- Fixed a possible problem to register the OCX files, now using the full path
and using quotes to register an OCX with ´regsvr32´.
- Fixed a problem with creating userfolders at the right location, now the userfolder
location is read from the ecc ini file.
- Fixed a problem with an infinite loop if the userfolder doesn´t exist.
- Xpadder now also appears in the language wich is chosen in ECC.
- Possible fix for ECC splashscreen starting/staying in minimized mode #2.
- Improved ECC Bugreporting, now the bugreports are being send right away,
instead on next startup.
- Possible fix for ECC splashscreen starting/staying in minimized mode.
- Added ECC 1005 error, wich shows the PHP error.log in a GUI when an
error has occured.
- Improved they way if an (PHP) error occured with ECC.
- The GUI splashscreen will be unloaded fist before the messagebox will be shown.
(the messagebox was sometimes behind the GUI, so it could hardly be clicked)
- When an PHP error has occured (wich writes an error.log file), ECC startup will
immediatly quit. (instead of waiting a minute and nagging you with the
waiting splascreen)

- 3rd party updates
- Notepad++ v5.5

- Updated DATfiles:
- MAME : v0.132 to v0.134
- CPS1 : v2009.04.26 to v2009.09.15
- CPS2 : v2009.06.08 to v2009.09.15
- CPS3 : v2009.09.15 (from MAME v0.134 DAT)
- MODEL1 : v2009.09.15 (from MAME v0.134 DAT)
- MODEL1 : v2009.09.15 (from MAME v0.134 DAT)
- NEOGEO : v2009.04.26 to v2009.09.15
- S11 : v2009.09.15 (from MAME v0.134 DAT)
- S16 : v2009.09.15 (from MAME v0.134 DAT)
- S18 : v2009.09.15 (from MAME v0.134 DAT)
- S22 : v2009.09.15 (from MAME v0.134 DAT)
- SVM : v0.99.1.3 to v0.99.1.5

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[ Frontend Downloads ]

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