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Post subject: DeSmuME ReRecording v0.9.4+ (r2832)  PostPosted: Sep 13, 2009 - 03:39 PM
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DeSmuME ReRecording ist ein auf DeSmuME basierender Nintendo DS Emulator für Windows.

DeSmuME ReRecording is a Nintendo DS emulator (based on DeSmuME).

Again, for making a new movie, you should use 0.9.4 instead of 0.9.2, since it emulates things better.
One of major advantages is sound emulation. You´ll hear really bad sound with 0.9.2, especially when you play a game which uses a streamed sound.

Anyway, I´ve made an improved version of 0.9.4 official!


My 0.9.4+ has:

* Less desyncs (savestate has been updated, but you can read old savestates as well)
* Lua scripting with advanced graphic functions (they works only in gui.register callback)
* Path settings
* State rewinding (it´s not tested at all, oh well)
* Magnification filters like hq2x
* Lag reduction options (details described below)
* Other little bugfixes (ex. frame advance improvement)

Still, it should sync fine with 0.9.4 movies. Let´s try it now!

Note: these codes are ported from the svn trunk.


* Download DeSmuME 0.9.4+ win32 binary (r2832)
* Source code is available as a branch in the official svn repository of DeSmuME. Checkout https://desmume.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/desmume/branches/rerecording_0_9_4_plus (as usual, I haven´t maintained non-windows port at all. However, I think it can be compiled with no big changes. If someone is interested to maintain them, please do)

About Lag Reduction Options

Currently, there are 2 options. They increases speed, but they also causes a trouble for some games (for example: impossible to boot), because of whatever desmume´s bad timing emulation.

- Fix ARM Cycle Count
This fixes the wrong cycle counting in armcpu_exec and instruction cycles of {S} instructions. It´s not a sort of hack, but some games don´t boot if it´s enabled.

- Fast Fetch-Execute
If enabled, the emulator will process fetch-execute cycle parallelly. It´s implemented somewhat inaccurately (still closer than before, I think). It causes an emulation glitch for some games. I recommend not using this option for now, since DMA transfer sometimes doesn´t work well in fast speed (for instance, the above map screen of Castlevania OoE will be rendered a bit glitchy). Fix ARM Cycle Count will work enough for normal play.

These options will not be recorded to a movie.

Upload logs (JST; GMT+9)

2009-09-09 13:05 - Lag reduction option is separated to 2 options. Added savefile hack menu option from 0.9.4 branch for upgrading savefile sizes when one has been careless and used the wrong savefile size. (r2855)
2009-09-08 13:45 - Improved LagReduction timing. To know what has been changed, see the diff of r2844. (r2845)
2009-09-06 11:00 - Add LagReduction option to INI secretly (r2831; default = 0 (0.9.4 non-dev timing). The timing of LagReduction=1 is different from both of 0.9.4 dev and non-dev). Improved input display a little (r2832)
2009-08-22 23:30 - Lua drawing now works but only in gui.register callback (r2779)
2009-08-18 15:30 - Fix random desync (make ´samples´ in SPU.cpp to be zero at SPU_Reset) (r2769)
2009-08-16 17:00 - First upload (r2766)

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