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Post subject: uBee512 v3.1.0  PostPosted: Apr 22, 2009 - 10:41 AM
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uBee512 ist ein Premium Microbee 512K FDD Computer Emulator für Windows, Linux und FreeBSD.

uBee512 is an emulator for the Premium Microbee 512K FDD computers. It is available for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

22 April 2009 - SJK
uBee512 v3.1.0

New for this release:
* Added an early OSD GUI system that can be enhanced over future releases.
The GUI provides a resizeable buffered console dialogue. OSD dialogues
can be dragged and minimised, background emulation continues and the keys
input focus can be switched between emulation or OSD in the normal way.
* Added replacement OSD reset and exit dialogues. The new dialogues no
longer requires the display to switch resolutions and are now consistent
between different system builds.
* Added an OSD console where all output text can be directed (see --output).
The OSD console also allows user input to execute options as the emulator
is running.
* Added MD5 support for use in ´roms.alias´ and ´disks.alias´ files.
* Added EMUKEY+C hot key to enter a ´stdout´ version of the OSD console.
This halts the emulator whilst in this mode and allows pasting input which
the OSD console is currently unable to do.
* Added options support while the emulator is running. Most of the options
available in start-up mode are supported. Some of these can be used to
permit media, tape, printer, serial, etc. to be changed.
* Added MD5 code to check ROMs. This is used to apply patches for some
known bad ROMs and to optionally fix some Y2K related display issues in
256TC boot ROMs.
* Added check for a known bad 256TC v1.20 ROM (very damaged, no patching).
* Added optional administration sections ´global-start-runmode´ and
´global-end-runmode´ for configuration files when in run mode.
* Added --verbose option to switch on additional emulator reporting.
* Added --tapei-det option to set an optional input level detection value
for input from WAV files.
* Added --osd option to configure OSD operation.
* Added --prefix option to specify the installation path prefix on Unix
systems. This allows installations contained on portable media to be used.
* Added --account option to specify an alternative uBee512 account location.
* Added --hwflashr option to set the video hardware flashing rate to 20, 40,
80, 160, 320, 640, 1280 or 2560 milliseconds.
* Added --hardware option to disable emulation of various hardware.
* Added --century option to change century dates where appropriate.
* Vertical sync frequency is now calculated from current CRTC 6545 values.
* Added --a-close, --b-close, --c-close, and --d-close options to close disk
drives that have an open image/disk.
* Added --print-close and --printa-close options to close open printer
* Added --tapei-close and --tapeo-close options to close open input and
output wav files used by the tape port.
* Added --coms-close option to close open serial communications ports.
* Added --options-warn to issue a warning or produce an error when an
option is encountered that is not supported in run mode.
* Added --keystd-mod option for setting standard keyboard behaviour flags.
* Added --runsecs option to set number of seconds to run before exiting.
* Added --output option to set text output devices.
* Added --mon-bgi-b, --mon-bgi-g, --mon-bgi-r, --mon-fgi-b, --mon-fgi-g and
--mon-fgi-r options to set dual intensity monochrome RGB values. See
changes below.
* Added colour, amber, green, black, white, and user to the single
character --monitor option parameters of c,a,g,b,w and u.
* Added ´clear´ argument to --regs option.
* Added UBEE_USERHOME local variable containing the user´s home path on
Unices, or the directory containing the executable on Windows systems.
* Added Windows OSVERSIONINFOEX dwMajorVersion and dwMinorVersion members
as variables UBEE_SYS_MAJOR_VAL and UBEE_SYS_MINOR_VAL to mingw build.
* Added defining of internal variables depending on build options. If LibDsk
is compiled in UBEE_LIBDSK=1 and if OPENGL is compiled in UBEE_OPENGL=1.
* Added generic RPM and Slackware binary tgz distribution packages.
* Added a portable Windows/Unix distribution package. Can be run from a
flash drive on Unices (including live CDs) and Windows machines.

* The ´roms.alias´ and ´disks.alias´ files now supports optional MD5
entries. The ´roms.alias´ file is preconfigured for ROMs for all models
where ROMs are available. A ´roms.md5´ and ´disks.md5´ file in the
emulator directory is used for matching MD5s to a file name.
* Changed start up to not report additional information unless requested
with the the new --verbose option.
* The dual intensity monochrome (--hint) has now been replaced by a --dint
option. This feature had been incorrectly emulated. The new method also
includes changes to the ubee512rc.sample file. Obsolete options
--mon-fgl-x have been removed and will be ignored. A message will be
reported if any of these are used.
* Removed --mon-fgl-b, --mon-fgl-g and --mon-fgl-r options as these are now
obsolete. A special error message will be reported if any of these are
used. Use the new --mon-bgi-x and --mon-fgi-x options shown above.
* Removed the --psec option. Sector probing is always used now. Using this
option reports a message.
* Changed the cursor blinking modes to use the correct blink rate.
* Changed the way video hardware flashing works, now also emulates early
Premium (main board v3) flash method. The --hwflash option now takes
´off´, ´on´, ´v3´ and ´v4´ as arguments.
* Added code to handle CTRL+SHIFT+KEY combinations. This is enabled by
default (use --keystd-mod to disable) and prevents the shift/invert action
for these keys when emulating standard keys (6545). This is required by
some systems for extended function keys to work.
* Changed create_account() function to install libdskrc to the ´share´
directory on Unix systems and create a ´.libdskrc´ link to it from the
user´s home account making the Unix layout the same as Windows.
* Changed --config option to no longer cause the emulator to terminate if
the specified file does not exist. A message will be output and no
configuration file will be used.
* Changed -f, --fullscreen and -t, --turbo options to now have support for
optional on/off arguments.
* Added a customised getopt.c source as suppression of messages direct to
stderr and repeated calls to getopt_long() was required.
* Changed standard PC and PC85 models to default to monochrome.
* Constant used for the vertical blanking period has changed from 12/100 to
10/100 of the VSYNC period.
* Changes to the debugging section makes the display more responsive and
allows emulator commands to now work without delay while debugging.
* Makefile is now much improved and uses more conventional methods.
* Added conditional build compilation options for OpenGL, LibDsk, debugging
and ´MZ80 C´ to sources and Makefile.
* Changes to ubee512rc file for the [arcade1] entry for the file name.
* Changed --tapevol option to now use a percentage value.

* Fixed the disk write protection when a write protected disk is attempted
to be written to. The OS system will no longer hang and should report an
error message.
* Fixed a problem with the internal DSK disk image handler as could not
access mixed 512x10 and 1024x5 formatted tracks correctly.
* Fixed debug option parameters for step and trace.
* Fixed sound volume set option(s), was unable to set any level.
* Fixed command line to report errors correctly on Windows build.
* Fixed a display refresh problem introduced in v3.0.0/1 when running
standard ROM models, monochrome mode and Telcom versions 1.1 or 1.2. The
top display line was incorrect, see vdu_colcont_w() function notes.
* Fixed a display refresh problem introduced in v2.8.0. This problem was
noticeable in Telcom v3 on PJB system disk and some other applications.
* Fixes to stop OpenGL functions being called when using SDL video mode
affecting the status line.
* Fixed FDC head positioning commands (type-I) to be acted upon even if no
disk/image. This needed to be fixed to allow disk/image changing to work
with options now supported while emulator is running.
* Fixed modio.keytc reporting in keytc_r() function.
* Fixed patches for bad telcom 3.21 ROMs. Now passes ROM checks for ROM A,
ROM B, and Telcom.
* Fixed GUI status for the current printer status.
* Fixed swap_endian() function, was just returning the same value.
* Fixed games.ini.sample section for froger-j.bee game.

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