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Post subject: KiGB v2.01  PostPosted: Mar 04, 2005 - 12:49 PM
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Es gibt eine neue Version des exzellenten Gameboy Emulators KiGB.

There is a new version of the excellent Gameboy emulator KiGB available.

V2.01 (2005-3-4)
The compatibility pages for comparing the test results with the 4 emulators
(VisualBoyAdvance, bgb, no$gmb and TGB Dual) have been updated. See it at
the following url:

- Bugs Fixed:
* Fixed the error in loading of save states files and input files created by
* When switching from a GBC game to a GB game, the colors of the startup
screen were incorrect. Fixed.
* Joypad/joystick support was broken. Fixed.
* In R-Type, the game could not be paused. Fixed.
* Pokemon Card GB no longer exit with invalid opcode error.
* The following games/demos have better/correct graphics:
~ Armour Force (the color of the first enemy should be "colorless" and
that of the third should be "colorless" at the start but becomes normal
after awhile)
~ Buster Brother (the countdown just before game play screen should start
at 9 and immediately set to Cool
~ Dracula Densetsu II (garbage quickly flashed up during startup)
~ F-1 Racing Championship (the very top few lines corrupted during playing
the video)
~ Go Go Tank (the short flashing line just below the status window should
start at the middle of the wall (cliff) and end at the wall)
~ Kaeru No Tame Ni Kane Wa Naru (missing the top line at the title screen)
~ NASCAR Challenge (the color of the line between the road and the status
window should be blue instead of black)
~ Parodius (the laser beams should not draw over the player and options)
~ Rescue Heroes - Fire Frency (screen flashed up quickly just before game
play of Animal Rescue)
~ Space Invasion (garbage appeared in the screen before game play)
~ Top Ranking Tennis (the shadow should not cover the players´ feet)

Alderaan shot first!

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Post subject: RE: KiGB v2.01  PostPosted: Mar 04, 2005 - 07:22 PM

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Ich hab ihn selber schon probiert... ich denke wirklich das er die referenz in sachen GB emulation darstellt.... Vllt sollte er den Quellcode noch etwas sauberer gestalten... im mom is die emulation noch nich gerade die schnellste... aber das wird sich sicher noch ändern Oo
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