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Post subject: GNOME Video Arcade v0.6.4  PostPosted: Oct 02, 2008 - 11:06 AM
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GNOME Video Arcade ist ein xmame und SDLMAME Frontend für den GNOME Desktop.

GNOME Video Arcade is an xmame and SDLMAME frontend for the GNOME Desktop.

Release Name: 0.6.4

What´s New

* Mute button on the main window mutes in-game sound.
* Right-click on column headers (instead of the game list) to quickly add or remove a column.

2008-09-27 Matthew Barnes

* NEWS: Update for 0.6.4

* data/gnome-video-arcade.glade:
Add a mute button to the top-right corner of the main window.

* data/gnome-video-arcade.schemas:
Add sound-muted key.

* docs/reference/gnome-video-arcade.types:
* docs/reference/gnome-video-arcade-docs.sgml:
* docs/reference/gnome-video-arcade-sections.txt:
Add developer documentation for GvaMuteButton.

* src/Makefile.am:
Add gva-mute-button.[ch].

* src/gva-common.h:

* src/gva-db.c (db_parser_start_element_game):
Fix a compiler error when CATEGORY_FILE is not defined.

* src/gva-main.c (gva_main_init):
Bind the mute button to the "sound-muted" GConf key.

* src/gva-mame.h (gva_mame_supports_sound):
New macro returns TRUE if MAME supports the -sound option.

* src/gva-mame-common.c (gva_mame_run_game), (gva_mame_record_game),
Append a "-sound" or "-nosound" command-line argument depending on
the state of the mute button.

* src/gva-mute-button.c:
* src/gva-mute-button.h:
New source files implement a button that can toggle between an
"audio-volume-muted" and "audio-volume-high" icon.

2008-07-19 Matthew Barnes

* configure.ac: Post-release version bump.

* data/gnome-video-arcade.ui:
* src/gva-columns.c (columns_show_popup_menu),
(columns_button_press_event_cb), (columns_popup_menu_cb),
(columns_setup_popup_menu), (gva_columns_load):
* src/gva-tree-view.c (tree_view_show_popup_menu):
Move the add/remove column popup menu items to a new popup menu
that´s triggered by right-clicking on the column headers in the
game list. Thanks to Jonathan Blandford for showing me how.

* src/gva-ui.c (gva_ui_add_column_actions):
Add "add-column" actions to "column-popup" menu.

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