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Nintendo SNES Emu Comparsion (Juli 2005)

Page: 3/7
(2785 total words in this text)
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SNES9xPP se (Build 02.05.2004)

Emulation Testing:

Chrono_Trigger_(U)_[!].smc - 2 out of 2 points.
As I expected: There were no problems.

Final_Fantasy_III_(U)_(V1.1)_[!].swc - 2 out of 2 points
The Same here. :)

Street_Fighter_Alpha_2_(E)_[!].smc - 2 out of 2 points (Corrected) Seems to work wo. emulation problems, as those loading times are normal.

Jikkyou_Oshaberi_Parodius_(J).smc - 2 out of 2 points
The game was playable without any problems.

Mega_Man_X_2_(E)_[!].swc - 2 out of 2 points
Capcoms Title Hero didn’t have any problems too.

Top_Gear_3000_(U).smc - 0 out of 2 points
Didn’t work at all. DSP-4 is not emulated yet.

SD_Gundam_GX_(J).smc - 0 out of 2 points
The ROM didn’t even boot.

Ace_wo_Nerae!_(J).smc - 2 out of 2 points
Playing Tennis were no problem at all again.

Suzuka_8_Hours_(U).smc - 2 out of 2 points
Everything is nice here too. Even that perspective effect were displayed correctly.

Vortex_(E)_[!].smc - 2 out of 2 points
Smooth! Wink - Everything's all right.

Doom_(U).smc - 2 out of 2 points
Piece of Cake! :-) - No Probs here.

Emulation Overall: 18 out of 22 points


Well there's not much to debate or complain about. The Emu is build on SNES9X after all. But some things have been modified. Many settings are more easy to find now. In exchange, I missed any netplay option. The CPU Load almost matched SNES9X. It moved between 47 and 60% (Athlon XP 2200+) The most culpable thing was the absence of Resolution settings. That caused minor problems to find the correct stting for Scan lines. Snes9Xpp SE runs as stable as SNES9x did. No problems yet.

Setting Amount: 7 out of 10 points
Ease of Use: 8 out of 10 points
Stability: 4 out of 4 points
CPU Load: x out of 6 points

GUI Overall: 23 out of 30 points

Total Score: 41 out of 52 points = 79% = 4 Stars

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© AEP 2005, written by Chaos, assistance by Tommy_, XTale & retroK
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