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Post subject: Atari_8bit: Altirra v2.30 test 4  PostPosted: Feb 07, 2013 - 08:23 PM
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Eine neue Test Version des 8-bit Atari Computer Emulators Altirra ist erschienen. Altirra emuliert Atari 400, 800 OS- A/OS-B, 600XL, 800XL, 1200XL, XEGS, A5200 und 130XE.

A new Test Version of the 8-bit Atari computer emulator Altirra has been released. Altirra emulates the Atari 400, 800 OS- A/OS-B, 600XL, 800XL, 1200XL, XEGS, A5200 and 130XE.

Version 2.30 prerelease:
features added
Debugger: History pane supports horizontal scrolling and hiding S/P registers.
Debugger: Added .readmem command.
Debugger: .basic_dumpline command now handles DATA statements and decodes variable names.
Debugger: The ESC key moves from several debugger panes to the Console pane.
Debugger: Added set tracepoint (bt) command.
Debugger: Added deref signed dword (dsd) operator.
IDE: Added SIDE 2 support (PRELIMINARY).
UI: Full-screen mode can now be used when paused.
UI: Added full-screen versions of the Boot Image file browser and emulation error dialog.
UI: Added initial UI bindings for controllers (under the Console controller).
UI: Added on-screen keyboard (activated by UI Option from main screen).
UI: Improved text rendering quality.
UI: Right-drag drop brings up a context menu with mounting options.
UI: Panes can now be stacked with tabs.
VBXE: Updated core support to 1.24, including a/r flag in bit 7 of the MINOR_REVISION register.

bugs fixed
Debugger: .tracecio now reports correct status.
Debugger: Fixed an issue with stack overflow in History pane on very deep recursion.
Debugger: Verifier now allows jumps to the CIO device initialization vectors.
Debugger: Fixed incorrect wrapping of zero page indexed addressing modes in disassembly.
Debugger: Threaded static trace (st) command.
Display: Fixed a crash when Direct3D 11 is enabled and fails to initialize.
HLE: Fixed editor tab commands.
HLE: Fixed bug with init segment dispatching.
IDE: READ SECTOR and WRITE SECTOR commands now allow up to 256 sector transfers.
IDE: READ MULTIPLE and WRITE MULTIPLE commands now produce errors when multiple mode is disabled.
IDE: The block size set by the SET MULTIPLE MODE command is now reflected in IDENTIFY DEVICE output.
LLE: Fixed system reset NMI handling.
LLE: Implemented PBI handler and CIO support.
LLE: Keyboard routines now update ATACHR.
LLE: Fixed editor tab set/clear commands.
LLE: Added printer (PSmile device support.
LLE: Added light pen/gun support.
MMU: Fixed crashes accessing high 65C816 memory in the x64 version.
Recorder: Fixed 8-bit uncompressed output.


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