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step1978 - Mar 27, 2008 - 12:38 PM
Post subject: Frontends: myZoom v1.7

myZoom ist ein Tool für den Nintendo Game Boy Advance und DS Emulator No$gba.

myZoom is a tool for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance and DS emulator No$gba.

myZoom V1.7(ds zoom) 3-26-´08 Updated
Hello, everyone.
This is another tool for No$gba. If you have not patience to wait the new NDS2xGL, you can try this one.
My English is poor, so I can not describe this program exactly.
Just Try it for yourself.

myZoom V1.7
--You can Load ROM with 7Zip compressed.
ALL myZoom Files must be in the no$gba directory/subdirectory.
--You can use BMP or JPEG for the Skin. BETA VERSION.

myZoom V1.6
--Add FullScreen function. Select FullScreen in the menu, then you can press the right mouse on blank portion to choose your favorite picture.
Note: If the size of this picture equals your Monitor´s resolution that you can get the best result.
--If your Desktop is 16bit, myZoom will run faster than 32bit.(use D3D or OpenGL-----but if you use Filter, OpenGL will not faster than 32bit)

myZoom V1.5
--Supports Kega Fusion Plugins.
--Some Bugs fixed.

oh, you can hold down left mouse + right mouse to move myZoom.

P.S. Firest jpg used GPU filter + hq2x; Second jpg used GPU filter only.

myZoom + myZoomSoft = myZoom V1.4
New Features:
--Three kinds of Render API: CPU, Direct3D 9, and OpenGL
--Add some shortcut keys:
1(below F1): Switch to Single Window
2(below F2): Switch to Double Windows
5(below F5): If you switch to single window, you press this key to zoom the upper screen or lower screen of no$gba
8(below FCool: Turn Single Monitor On/Off
0(below F10): normal --> turn left --> turn right --> normal ...

Main Features:
--Two Zoomed Windows, independently moveable.
--myZoom requires OpenGL; myZoomSoft requires CPU only.
--You can hide No$gba, through this program to play games.
--More... I don´t know how to express in english.
--More details, see #12 Replay.

How to use:
--Extract all files into no$gba directory/subdirectory, run myZoom.exe/myZoomSoft.exe.
if you extract all files into other place, you need to run No$gba.exe and myZoom.exe/myZoomSoft.exe separately.
--Click right mouse on main window of this program to adjust settings.

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