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Jezze - Oct 26, 2008 - 12:10 PM
Post subject: Dreamcast: lxdream v0.9

lxdream ist ein Sega Dreamcast Emulator für Linux und ist in einer neuen Version erschienen.

Danke an für die News.

lxdream is a linux-based Sega Dreamcast emulator and was updated today.

Thanks to for the news.

Release Notes

Lxdream 0.9 is considerably more stable and accurate than the 0.8 series (thanks more to a huge number of bugfixes than anything else), and the majority of software can be expected to "just work" with minimal problems.

Nevertheless this should still be considered an alpha release, with many unimplemented features remaining. You´re unlikely to see ´perfect´ emulation, and we´re nowhere near being bug-compatible (in other words, don´t expect your code to work on the real hardware just because it runs correctly in lxdream).

Changes since 0.8.4

Known issues

The following are known problems in 0.9 that will be fixed in the next major release - in other words, you don´t need to report them - we already know Smile

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